So the wait is finally over and here it is My Avon Store.

Avon Online Stores – the new shopping experience for Avon Representatives and Avon customers

You can now sell Avon online with your very own Avon online store.

Serve customers near and far with a number of different delivery options and the ability to set your own free delivery radius as a local Representative.

Whether you deliver to the customer or Avon deliver direct to the customer you will still receive your full commission.

My Avon Store is designed to help make earning easier and to help you grow your sales and business.
It helps new customers to find you easily and shop with you whenever they want.
Whats in it for you?
Your FREE online store
Easy set up, No techy know-how needed
Serve new customers near and far
Giving you more ways to earn
Easy to share through social media sites 
Whats in it for the customers?
Flexibility to shop 24/7 anytime, anywhere
Stylish, easy-to-shop online store
Multiple payment and delivery options
Customers shop when they want, how they want
Latest beauty recommendations and reviews
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Buisness cards to help you advertise your store.

Tips & Advice

  • Check for new customer and order requests


  • Accept new customer order requests within 24hrs
  • Contact customers to clarify order details
  • Process new orders in your Representative website within 3 days

Freshen up your store every campaign

  • Update your order and delivery dates
  • Refresh your Avon Departments and ‘Get the look’ content
  • Tag the latest products you love and recommend
  • Promote your store
  • Send out your store link and message via social media and email

Keep your store profile up to date

  • Ensure your contact details are correct
  • Refresh your welcome message
  • Ensure you have a recent photo of yourself, reflecting how you want your business to be seen by others
  • Facebook Social Icon
  • Twitter Social Icon
  • Google+ Social Icon
  • YouTube Social  Icon
  • Pinterest Social Icon
  • Instagram Social Icon
How would you like your delivery? the choice is still yours.
To help promote your store Avon have provided these business and canvassing cards to advertsie your new Avon store.
Top Tip:
If you don't have multiple social media accounts, now would be a great time to start setting these up. 

This is a fantanstic way to promote your online store and share with your existing customers. This will also help you attract new customers​
All these social media buttons are already on your Avon store so you can post directly to them giving you a wider audiance and more sales.