The A to Z of finding customers
A. Anytime, Anyplace, Always Ask
B. Baby joy – New Mums may be at home a lot, so ordering essentials from home
     maybe very useful
C. Community centres – Drop in a brochure, find out what events are coming up that
     you can attend
D. Doctors surgery – Drop a brochure in. The receptionist could be your next
E. Evening classes – There are so many
F. Face book – How many people do you know? Take advantage of your POB
G. Geography – What’s happening in your local area? New shops opening?
H. Hairdressers – Drop a brochure in and chat to the stylists
I.   Industrial/retail parks – Ask if you can leave a brochure in the staff room
J. Jewellery – Always wear Avon jewellery. It's a great way to introduce people to our
K. Keep fit classes – Yoga, Pilates, Martial arts, Zumba and gyms. Where there are
    people there are opportunities
L. Leg work – Get out and about, door knocking, shopping centers and schools
M. Moving – Look for people moving into your area, have they had a brochure before? N. News Agents – Ask if you can display your card
O. Organizations – How many offices are in your area? Get to know the receptionist
P. Public transport – On the Bus? It’s a chance to strike up a conversation
Q. Queues – Join the longest queue when shopping. It gives you more time to start a
     conversation with other people
R. Restaurants and cafe’s – Strike up a conversation with the next table or perhaps
     the staff
S. Social – Pubs, clubs and any social events you go to
T. Toddler groups – Great place to meet other Mums
U. University – Students are always looking for affordable products
V. Visiting time – Visiting friends, Family and explain what you do
W. Workplace – Do all your work colleagues get a chance to look at a brochure?
X. “Xpect” to chat – Don’t be an Avon secret agent, let people know what you do!
Y. Your existing customers – Invite them to an Avon party and ask them to bring two
Z. Zoo – Planning a trip with the Kids during the holidays? Great opportunity to show a
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