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Will my my store replace my POB?
Yes, POB is replaced by 'My Avon Store'. We will keep it live for a few weeks after launch to give you time to move your customers over to the new store.Within your new online store there will be an improved 'brochure browse' functionality so if you have customers who are more comfortable with the current POB experience you could highlight this area.The improvements we've made are based on POB customer feedback so we're confident that they will prefer it - for example there are product pictures, prices and it's easy to link into the site product page to read product reviews.
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Will I have to purchase a domain name?
The good news is that the store name for 'My Avon Store' is much shorter and friendlier than the very long POB links! This means you do not have to purchase a domain name, but you could if you wanted to.If you already have a domain name then yes you can keep it and divert it to your new store link once it is set up and live. You'll need to do this with your domain hoster in the same way that you would have set up the link to go to your POB originally.
Will the Avon app still be available?
Yes, we'll be keeping the mobile app so you and your customers still be able to use it, but the new site is fully mobile responsive so we will be promoting this as it will work on all sorts of devices!Customers using the Avon app won't have the option of direct delivery like My Avon Store will.
Will paper brochures still be available?
Yes, absolutely. The paper brochures are staying. There is something for everyone.
Will the outlet store be available to customers using my online store?
No, the Avon Outlet is exclusively for our Representatives. However products from sale flyers that go alongside your brochures will be on your store.
Will I be able to serve customers abroad?
Your store is visible outside the UK so it does make it easier to share with friends & family abroad so they can browse products, however the direct delivery service offered on the site is UK only so you would have to make private arrangements as you would do today.
Can I serve friends and family who are in the Army and Navy who cannot currently get Avon abroad?
BFPO addresses are included in the direct delivery options so you will be able to send them your store link so they can browse the products, see all the video tutorials and place an order that can then get delivered directly to them.
How will friends in other areas outside of my radius in the UK place an order with me?
They will be able to select Representative delivery, however there would be a warning that it is out of your normal area and that you will need to confirm. They can also select direct delivery if they chose. The functionality is designed this way as we know there are lots of Representatives who serve friends and family outside of their radius and deliver products when visiting etc. so we wouldn't want to block these orders.If it was someone you didn't know and couldn't fulfil the delivery then you have the option to reject the order and we would reallocate to a Representative who is in their area.
What will happen when I go on holiday?
There are a number of ways that you can choose to look after your store when you're on holiday.To set your customer expectations you can change the delivery timescales that you display on your store. There are options where you can state your next order date (chosen by you, not our system), or you can select an option to say 'contact me to arrange delivery'.If you've ticked the box to appear on 'Find a Representative' and get new customers you may want to consider temporarily changing your selection to remove yourself and then pop it back on once you get back home. This does not stop your existing customers from visiting your store and you could let them know in advance about your arrangements whilst on holiday.Direct delivery & parcel shop orders will go straight through and will be fulfilled directly - so you can earn whilst sunning yourself!
When a customer places an order on my online store can they have delivery when they like or do they have to wait until the end of a campaign?
To set your customer expectations you can change the delivery timescales that you display on your store. There are options where you can state your next order date (chosen by you, not our system), or you can select an option to say 'contact me to arrange delivery'.
Will customers be able to check if an item is out of stock?
Firstly yes we will be able to indicate out of stock items on the store so we can help prevent customer disappointment, and encourage them to order alternative items.We have two options:- If a product is not coming back into stock then it will be a simple 'out of stock' message.- if the product is due to come back into stock there will be a 'notify me' function whereby your customers can enter the email and when the product is back in stock the customer will be sent an email to let them know and encourage them to return and order the item.
Will the Avon store have all products available to buy or just current brochure?
We'll be launching with the items that appear in your brochure.
How will customers pay?
If a customer places an order for delivery through you they would pay you as they do today.On your store you will have a specific area where you can state how you take payment e.g. cash, cheque or a payment device such as PayPal Here.
What is the delivery cost to the customer if they select direct delivery or parcel shop?
£3.50 for standard delivery, £5.50 for express delivery - both these options are available for direct delivery and parcel shop delivery. There are some exceptions such as express delivery will not available in some remote areas, however these will be detailed on the website.
Will there be any additional charges for the method of payment the customer choses for example debit cards, credit cards etc on top of the handling fee?
No, there are no further fees other than the 5% handling fee, capped at £1.50. The handing fee only applies to direct delivery & parcel shop orders.
How will returns work for a customer who chooses direct delivery?
The 28 day return guarantee starts from when the customer receives the items. If your customer has ordered to be delivered directly or through a parcel shop then Avon will handle the return within the guarantee policy - this of course does not affect their statutory rights. Within the parcel there will be a returns slip that will enable your customer to do this.Customers will be able to return through a parcel shop, or through collection via the courier. These will be free of charge in terms of postage.You will have a statement online that shows all direct delivery transactions, including any returns.
Will a direct to parcel shop/ courier delivery customer be given my details in case of a problem?
When a customer places an order for delivery via direct delivery or parcel shop they will be given Avon details to contact in case of any problems with that particular delivery.
Will my store keep a digital record of previous customer orders?
Yes - orders placed through the online store (no matter how they are delivered) will be available for you to view with the individual products. You will also be able to view customer details which include address, phone number and a link to a map tool so you can remind yourself where they are.
How do I find out if someone has placed an order with me?
When you get an online order you will receive an email to confirm you have received an order. We'll use the email address you add when setting up your store so it's is important that you use one that you regularly check.If your order is a direct delivery or parcel shop order it will go straight through to be fulfilled directly, you will not need to accept the order.If the customer has requested delivery from you then you will need to go online and accept the order. This gives you the chance to review the order and check the details. You will have the option to reject the order.If you don't accept the order we will send you another email to remind you.
If a customer chooses direct delivery but attaches to a representative will I need to manually add this to my main order?
Direct delivery gets dispatched directly from Avon automatically. You'll be able to see these transactions on the online statement, and the orders section on your store dashboard.
Do I have to use social media to promote my online store?
There are still lots of opportunities to promote your store without using social media sites. As part of setting up your store you will select a name and be given a link that can be promoted. It's quite short so you can write it on the back of your brochure as well write it on the flyers & business cards that come in the free starter pack - please order if you haven't already.
If you are in contact with friends and family through email you can also promote through this way by simply adding your link to an email.Will Avon be advertising the new online store?
Yes! We are very excited to be able to shout from the rooftops that you can order online from our Avon Representatives.We will be incorporating this into all of our advertising including TV, digital, social media and PR.
How will 'Find a Representative' work?
During the design of the new website we spent extensive time researching and testing the new 'Find a Representative' functionality. This also included researching the key issues with the current version. Customers were involved in selecting and prioritising the information they needed in order to choose a Representative. This is where we found out just how important photo's were! It also demonstrated how important it was for the customer to be able to browse an individual Representatives shop, even if the primary reason to contact a Representative in the first place was to get a copy of the brochure.New customers are looking for friendly, helpful, reliable Representatives - the new design should enable them to do just that.
Can I set my store to Representative delivery only?
All customers will be offered the flexibility and choice. It was a very strong desire from customers seen throughout the testing period that they want the flexibility - primarily for last minute gifting purchases for birthdays, mother day etc. and also the run up to Christmas - last minute shopping! However the free Representative delivery proved very compelling versus a delivery charge, and this applied to both new and existing customers.
How will discount work?
If the customer selects delivery through you then it works as it does today, i.e you place your order on your Representative website, deliver it and collect the money.If the order is a direct delivery or parcel shop then you will receive your earned discount through your Representative account and it will offset against your balance less the handling fee.The handling fee is 5% of the order value, but is capped at a maximum of £1.50.