Setting up your Avon store is quick and easy.

You can watch the online tutorials on the Avon website - these can be found under Training & Development, Getting Started - My Avon Store (this is about half way down the page) & the Video Library is near the bottom.

Or just follow these simple steps below.....

1 - Choose your store name
Get in there quickly as names will be available on a first come, first served basis.

It's VERY important that you spell your store name correctly as you WON’T be able to change it

2 -Add an email and contact number. Pop in your details so customers can get in touch. 
Here you can state when you're available to contact.

3 - Define your area
Show the area where you'll deliver to your customers for free.
Do this by choosing the most central area that you're willing to deliver from & set the radius from there.
For example if you can only get 2 miles from your house, drop the pin on your house and set the delivery area as 2 miles.
Any customers who come through outside of this area can still choose free representative delivery but you can choose to accept or pass on to the next representative.

4 - Add a photo
Add a friendly photo of you so customers can see it when searching for a Representative.
Make it a recent one maybe with you in full make up or holding / wearing an Avon item.
I can say with experience that having a profile picture will ensure that prospective customer chooses you over someone without one.

5 - Show in Find a Representative
Set up your store and tick the box 'Show in Find a Representative search"
You won't show up until you're 4 campaigns in, have a clear balance, achieved a sales value of £174 over the last 3 campaigns & placed orders in 2 out of the last 3 campaigns. 


6 - Open click Open my store & you're in business!
From the start you can share your store URL ANYWHERE - so get it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Text it, Email it, Whatsapp, Viber....if you can copy and paste it!!
Add to your order forms in case you can't get to pick up & then the customer can input their own order online. 

7 – Orders you will receive an email when you have had an online offer.
It's crucial that you accept the order within 24 hours or it will be passed onto the next representative.
To do this, either click 'Process customer order in my store' which will open up a tab where you log into your account.
View the order, write it out on an order form & make a note of the customer’s name, address & contact number.
Accept the order & contact the customer as soon as possible to let them know that you're now their rep, you have their order, when it will arrive and you'll be in touch nearer the time to arrange delivery.
Another way to accept the order is to log onto your account and at the bottom of the homepage will be a link saying you have a new online order.
Click the link and it will take you to a page showing a summary. Click on the Accept button (a circle will be filled) and Process order. Follow the previous step of writing out the order and contacting the customer.

8 - Direct delivery
If you get a direct delivery order, all you really need to do is watch the commission come in (shown as a discount on your next invoice). This is at the rate of your last regular order.
There is a small admin fee of 2% of the order value but this is capped at £1.50. This will be shown as a charge on your next invoice.

9 - Customise your store
Add your featured product types (you can select 4) & these will be shown scrolling on the top of your store page. 
Add a 'look' from the 2 or 3 shown - these are usually different make up ideas. 

Rate and review your favourite products - and why not ask your customers to do the same

10 - Incentives Avon from time to time will offer reduced direct delivery postage & packaging so promote his as much as you can.