How to place an Avon order

There are 3 different ways to order
1. Regular
2. Additional
3. Express
Regular orders should be submitted online by 10pm on your order day - to ensure delivery on your normal delivery day (you can find out your order day by looking on your invoice, or on the top right of your website).
Regular on time order:
Regular orders is usually what everyone places
- free over £15.00
Small regular order under £15.00 - costs £3.50
But there are other ways to order, giving more flexibility for you and your customers......
Additional order:
Additional orders are usually placed only if your order has just been submitted and it's to late to add your order, if a customer needs something urgently, or if we have just genuinely forgot to order something.
- Over £15.00 - costs £2.75 & takes 3-5 working days.
- Additional order under £15.00 - costs £3.50 & takes 2-3 working days.
If you have already placed a regular order over mov (minimum order value) you will still earn commission on the additional order.
Fees for additional orders over £15 are waived for Silver, Gold and Gold plus PC members.

Additional Express order:
- £5.00 (£4.50 for presidents club members). If placed before 10.00am it will arrive the next working day (if placed very early on a Friday it MAY come on the Saturday)

You can place your order online, or call Avon & use the fast track service

Placing your order is quick and easy. 
Just log onto your account and select either PLACE AN ORDER or click into My Account then place an order.
Get your customer orders forms together & copies of the current & previous brochures and a pen.
I start by checking the code against the current book to see if the customer has put the correct product and price, checking for any special offers or freebies they may have been missed. 
Then check the previous brochure to see if the product is cheaper in there (and keep the difference) and if there are any special offers or freebies you can bag for yourself!
Now input the 5 digit product code (remembering to change the campaign in the drop down box if you are back ordering) adds the quantity & then click the magnifying glass to bring up the description.
Click update order & it will be saved there until you want to add to it.
I tick the top left hand corner of the order form so I know I've input it.
Don't forget to add brochures & stationery and anything you want from first look or outlet items.
You can add first look and stationery items using the codes or by using the interactive section.
You can find this when you click continue after saving your order.
Brochures are added on the order screen at the bottom left in packs of 5.
Outlet items can be found by clicking my account & Avon outlet - click add to order & quantity and it will add onto your current saved order.
You need to add the number of customers you give a brochure to then update order.
If you need to add a temporary delivery address, you do this BEFORE you submit your order (you can't change the address on your first campaign though) & it will only be for that order.
Remember to add a safe location in case your delivery does come whilst you're out but we strongly recommended someone be in to sign for the delivery.
An on time order is delivered 6 days after your designated submission date. 
An additional order (£2.99 charge) takes 3-5 working days.
An additional express order placed before 10am is delivered the next working day (£5.00 charge or £4.50 for president’s club members).
All provided that your balance is clear.
As you go along adding your orders, click view order and view subtotal at the very bottom of your page - here you'll see if any items are out of stock. You can protect your sales by offering the customer an alternative before you send the order.

Don't wait until order day to put your orders on - start the day after you have submitted your last order by putting on brochures, stationary and add the customer orders as you go along.

When you come to submit, you can check the order right up until the end, by clicking update order then view subtotal then when you're completely satisfied you have everything on there, submit order to Avon.