How to share my Avon Store:

Share MY AVON STORE on facebook


Login to your Avon account at

Click “manage my store”

Scroll down and click “copy my link”

Now login to your facebook account

Paste or type your link into the box at the top of your timeline.

You can include a message and you can also upload one of the ads for facebook images from your Avon website.

Top Tips -

Use social media to promote your store. There are buttons to send your store link direct to your social media accounts.


Create a Facebook business page for your store.

Set up a Twitter (and other social media platforms) account with your store name.

There are many other social media platforms you can use – Pinterest, Instagram, Google+…..

Collect your customers email addresses so you can mail them a link every campaign.

Advertise in local Facebook selling sites.

Add your store address to your order forms in case you can't get to pick up, then the customer can input their own order online. 

With your Online Store set up you can now –

Sell Avon nationwide through your Online Store.

Give customers the option of representative delivery, courier delivery or pick up from a parcel shop.

Allow customers flexibility in how they wish to shop with Avon – top tips to shopping Avon online.

Returns go back to Avon via the same way they were delivered to the customer.

Promote your store through Social Media.

Personalise your store with delivery dates, payment methods, order due in dates and favourite product reviews.