How to use your First Look book
First Look is your representative brochure packed with Demo products 2 campaigns ahead, must buy offers, sale items, samples and all your stationery needs.

Items from first look are intended for our use only so wear them, show them off and get those pre order sales rolling in.

You can only buy 1 of each item from the demo products (1 of each colour or size) & unless stated you can also back order by 1 campaign.

You can buy as many samples as you like - if there's a new fragrance out then the samples for these are usually half price)

You can order as many sale items as you like but unless faulty you CANNOT return these.

Sometimes there will be what's called a Money maker offer. This will be for a brand new product.
Now you are able to order as many of these as you like and they'll come with your order but you won't be charged until 2 campaigns time. The trick here, even though the products aren't in the brochure yet, you can sell them up front. But please remember to bank the money and note that you've not been charged yet.

You may notice the President's Club symbol next to the product & a cheaper price - this is exactly what it says, cheaper for PC members. So get into that as soon as you can.