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Get inspired by the colours of the New Avon fragrances - Maxima for her and Maxime for him.


The Launch in Brochure 17 2019

Maxima ~ Warm ~ Floral ~ Alluring ​

Maxima is inspired by the Greek god Hestia. 

Her symbol is the circle, in which the flame is to be kept by her forever burning. She represents concentration, peace of mind and the link between the old and the new. 


Coveted for a perfect fit on the hand, the highly feminine and godly inspired package of Maxima resembles a potion glass that contains the elixir of the gods. Its gold metallic cap, embossed with branch of leaves, is a reminiscent of decorative Greek elements. 


The Immortelle Flower

The flower of eternity. Its oil promises eternal youth and is said to have an ability to clear places within us that are wounded.


The Scent

An alluring fragrance with the noble scent of the immortelle flower, combined with the brilliant and velvet Nectarine and the illustrious garland of Jasmine Sambac.

A warm scent which lingers endlessly in a serene floral bouquet. 

Maxime ~ Smokey ~ Wood ~ Vigorous

Maxime is inspired by Prometheus.

He created Man, modelling him in the shape of the gods. He was fearless enough to face furious Zeus and give man the power of fire.

Masculine and monumental, Maxime's bottle is shaped like Titan's chest. With a Silver metallic shoulder and cap carved in the shape of a warrior's armour, this heavy carved package is the reflection of a living myth.


Known as "the divine smell", it is one of the very first ingredients used in perfumery. Firstly offered to praise and worship the gods and then taken by man.


The Scent

A vigorous fragrance with promordial notes of Olibanum.

A precious and divine scent combined with refreshing Mandarin Leaves and wood strength of Ironwoods accord.

A fearless woody scent that transcends the living god's senses.

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