Avon Presidents Club 

Getting into Avon Presidents Club is a great achievement for representatives; President Club encompasses the top 7% of representatives in the country. Members benefit from extra rewards including a lovely Gala dinner to celebrate their achievements.
Sales can be tracked from the representative website, every campaign it updates and allows you to see what you need to sell on average every campaign to achieve. Presidents Club runs from campaign one to eighteen yearly.

The first level is Bronze, with sales needed of £6500. Benefits include;
 A Bronze achievement pin
 A certificate and pen
 An exclusive celebration dinner event
 Discounted brochures
 Presidents club diary
 Exclusive representative offers
 Birthday product

With an increase in just £1500 to £8000 the next level is Bronze Plus and extra benefits are;
 A Bronze plus achievement pin
 £25 Love to shop vouchers

With year on year growth representatives can also qualify as Elite with additional Love2shop vouchers and a £300 red letter day for the top ten Elite at each level (excluding Gold plus)
Silver PC level is sales of £11000 over the year. Benefits include;

 Silver achievement pin
 Certificate
 Brochure labels
 Freephone number
 Presidents Club celebration
 An additional £50 Love 2 shop vouchers
 Plus all Bronze benefits

Silver Plus level is sales of £17000 and extra benefits are;
 Silver Plus achievement pin
 Certificate
 Priority orders
 Multiple regular orders
 An additional £75 Love 2 shop vouchers
Gold Presidents Club level is a massive achievement! With sales needed of £27000. Benefits include;
 Gold achievement pin
 Certificate
 Presidents Club buddy call
 Presidents recognition card
 An additional £150 Love2shop vouchers
 Plus all silver benefits

Gold Plus level is sales of £40000 and extra benefits are;
 Gold Plus pin
 Certificate
 Gold Plus Trip
 Additional £100 Love 2 shop vouchers.

Recognition Events and Incentives;

Presidents Club Dinners are held for achievers every year, they are a great chance to network.

The Top Representative trip rewards top sellers with an exclusive holiday.  Previous destinations include New York!!

With the Scholarship Programme members have the opportunity to nominate their children or grandchildren to receive a one off scholarship of $2100 USD.

You may recognise here our very own 
Carolyn Toogood 
who achieved PC Club status 

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