Make your table bright and eye catching.


When promoting your events look out in old brochures for pictures you can cut out and laminate.


Look even more eye catching in a frame just remove the glass and laminate the picture then remove and save for another time.


Could also be used to put in shop windows as a bright eye catching poster with your business cards attached. 

Attach it to a basket or decorate a small box and add samples to promote your business in hairdressers and Community Centres etc.

The more books you order the more posters you have to play with.

Carefully cut these images from old brochures and give to your customers so they can see exactly what shade they can order may even show a friend to for you.


Fantastic way to promote your business cheaply.


Use as a sign in your car window to let everyone know you sell Avon.


Ask your local takeaways, Newsagents (small fee) and Library's if you can put one up there, free cheap advertising.


Again in a nice cheap frame look fabulous. 


You could do the same with any from cover of a brochure and just keep changing it every campaign.