Your a STAR!

Congratulations to our successful Representatives

In August, nearly 60 Representatives visited Head Office for our first ever casting call. These Representatives were selected from more than 500 applicants in total, and the stories they all had to tell were nothing short of amazing.

We heard from Representatives who had started Avon to get to know their community after moving house, Representatives who had used Avon to support themselves after fleeing domestic violence, and Representatives who had built their business around having a family. Every one of them talked about how Avon had empowered them and offered them a chance at financial independence - something that is at the heart of our values.

After two full days of casting, which included Representatives meeting the PR, digital and First Look teams as well as screen testing on camera with our advertising agency, just more than 30 Representatives were chosen to take part in our new advertising campaign. Four were selected to be on television, while others were chosen to appear in the press and in brochure and in First Look, and others were shortlisted to be our resident bloggers. Here’s a look at our lucky Representatives who’ve been shortlisted or picked to appear in our new advertising campaign…

  • Tina Allan

  • Glenice Allison

  • Jan Ashby

  • Ellie Bannister

  • Bernadette Broadley

  • Lianne Burton

  • Beci Clish

  • Zoe Davies

  • Dawn Fazackerley

  • Sophie Flewers

  • Dennis Greaves

  • Karen Guy

  • Rachel Hainsworth

  • Linda Harrington

  • Emma Langfield

  • Tracy Lee

  • Jeanne Long

  • Diane Miah

  • Charlotte Nixon

  • Cera Rose Pickering

  • Samantha Porter

  • Helen Redman

  • Sandy Rice

  • Rebekah Testar

  • Catherine Turnbull

  • Carrie Twining

  • Vanesa Vials

  • Hayley Wallace

  • Jaason Warner

  • Alison Waters

  • Katie Westley

  • Sarah Wilde

Anthony Wells, Head of Commercial Marketing said: “We were totally overwhelmed with the passion and dedication shown by the Representatives and humbled by the pride each and every applicant had in running their own Avon business.” “We’re looking forward to when everyone will start to see our new advertising when it goes live in October. We’re telling the story of Avon through real people - and it’s extremely powerful.”

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