My first spritz of new Lacroix

Who doesn’t love a new bottle of perfume? I find that when I get a new bottle, I’ll just be using that same perfume for months on end. My newest fragrance is Bijou by Christian Lacroix from Avon and I can’t describe to you how perfect it is! (But I’ll give it a good go!)

With so many cosmetics, bath and body products to choose from, perfume is an oversight when I browse through the Avon catalogue! But I’m glad to have been introduced to this lovely fragrance. I was recommended this perfume and as we all know, fragrances are very personal to us - we all have very different taste! I was a bit wary to begin with but I’m extremely pleased to say that I absolutely LOVE it!

Let me describe the scent to you and you can make your own mind up about Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume.

It has notes of mandarin, vanilla orchid and spiced star anise. From that, I expected it to be a blend of citrus and spice and I thought ‘great, it will be perfect for the festive months' which are closer than we like them to be! The initial freshly sprayed scent, the warmth of the spice comes through and 5 minutes later, it dries in to a beautiful, sweet vanilla.

The perfume is very subtle and feminine. I’d describe the scent as sweet and pretty, but grown up and elegant. It’s one of those that you can wear all year round, day and night, no matter the occasion.

The bottle is lovely too with an ombre rose pink and a faceted base, it sits really well on my dressing table! It is going to be my go-to perfume for the next several months, I can’t stop smelling it!

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