Breast Cancer Awareness Month nail art

Breast Cancer Awareness Month nail art October marks the important month of Breast Cancer Awareness. While research plays a huge role in the battle to fight cancer we too can support the cause this month (or any time come to think of it). Whether it be a tea morning, dressing up or even simple nail art that you do on yourself or even colleagues and peers to raise money.

1. Start by painting your nails as normal with your favourite pale pink nail polish. Here I'm using Speed Dry+ in ASAP Pink. 2. Once fully dry you then want to take a darker pink shade, I used Nailwear Pro+ in Viva Pink, and the brush side of the Avon Nail Art Tool and carefully paint on the Break Cancer Awareness ribbon. This can be a little tricky so practising first on a scrap piece of paper is a good idea. Also once the nail polish is dry you can go over it again to neaten up the edges. Next you can leave the nails there and just apply a clear top coat or add a bit more detail to your other nails. 3. For the simple roses apply large blobs to each corner of the nails with Nailwear Pro+ in Viva Pink and the dotting tool side of the Avon Nail Art Tool. 4. Before fully dry, roughly go over each shape with the brush side of the Avon Nail Art Tool with Speedy Dry+ ASAP Pink. This will give dimension to the roses and bring them to life! 5. To finish simply add small leaves off each flower using the brush side of Avon Nail Art Tool again and a green nail polish, a single little stroke will do. Here I used Nailwear Pro+ Wild Savanna.

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