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There are many different ways you can hold an avon party. Round at someone's house, at a venue or on Facebook. You can theme them however you like so you could have a pamper party with planet spa products, nail painting and make up (maybe ask someone who is good at make up to assist you), jewellery and clothing, or something new we are trying a home range party with all the new kitchen items, candles & diffusers etc...

If you're holding it at someone's home then offer the hostess either a free gift, 10% off their order on the night or 10% of the party sales to spend in the next brochure x Put together a party bag for each guest with a brochure, order forms, pen, samples and all of your details.

Either hold in an evening with drinks, morning coffee, afternoon tea or whenever suits your host & guests. Make sure you get every guests name, number and email address so you can send them a link to your store. Also pop a few extra forms with their party bag & ask them to pass onto their family, friends & colleagues etc...

You could sell squares at £1 or £2 each (depending on numbers you can do 25 or 50 - and either 1, 2 or 3 prizes) then draw it towards the end of the party & the winner(s) can spend the money in the next brochure. You could also play some party games and give away spot prizes. Whatever you do HAVE FUN!

Online Facebook sale parties are a different animal. You start by seeing what stock you have - if you think you need more, add items to your next order from Avon Outlet & First Look (just make sure you keep checking your sub-total for out of stocks). Another way is to add a bumper box to your order - these are £50 (charged over the next 2 invoices at £25 each time). They are 'unknowns' though and you can't send back anything you don't sell (but you could use as gifts or on tombola's).

Then price everything somewhere between what you paid for it and the current book price. Next create a Facebook event for a time when you won't be preoccupied with deliveries or admin.

You can make the event private for invited friends only, private but guests can invite friends or public. You just need to decide where you're prepared to deliver to.

Choose a nice bright picture and be clear about the prices on the items (I have a piece of paper with a price on, place it next to the item & take a photo). Say that when you post the pictures that the first person to comment will commit to buying that item

Invite everybody - including the men you know so that they can add their female family and friends. Set the sale for about a week so that it still appears in peoples events and if they don't see the sale on the day they can still look and see if anything is still available.

Keep posting on the event wall, e.g. "3 days to go, are you ready for some bargains?" or "Keep inviting your friends guys, the more the merrier!" On the day, upload blocks of pictures for similar items (make up, jewellery, home wares etc...) When people comment, write down who has had what & also confirm you have seen their comment "Yours xxxx"

I try to keep up with the block of posts, leaving it about 15/20 minutes and then post the next block of photos. Once it's all over, tot up what everyone owes and post a list, tagging everyone & their totals. Say you'll be in touch privately to arrange delivery or collection.

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