Ageing the eyes

Mistakes: Using dark, heavy eye makeup. It is best, as you get older, to stick to colours such as browns, navies and greys rather than a harsh black.

Technique: If you want an intense colour, start with a brown and build the colour up.

Black eyeliners and eyeshadows on more mature eyes make them look smaller, so it is best to stick to more neutral shades.

Ageing the skin

Mistakes: Using shimmery and glittery products on the face - this highlights any fine lines and wrinkle - and heavy foundation.

Technique: Ditch the glitter and sheen. It's best to stick with matte products such as a matte eyeshadow, rather than a shadow with a sheen or glitter.

For foundation, a heavy one on more-mature skin will gather in fine lines and also highlight any enlarged pores. I would suggest a BB cream or a tinted moisturiser, which will make the skin look more youthful and fresh.

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