Blushing and bronzing

Blushing and bronzing

Mistakes: Applying them to the wrong part of the face, applying too much and using the wrong shade.

Technique (blusher): Try and keep it on the apples of the cheeks and no higher, and apply it lightly rather than applying too much.

Also try and stick with a natural shade rather than a hot pink which could end up looking quite comical if applied incorrectly.

Try to avoid hot pinks and very bright colours

Technique (bronzer): Always tap your brush before applying your bronzer, and remember shimmery shades are for bronzer and should not be used to contour with.

Your bronzer should only be a couple of shades darker than your skin tone, and any shades used for contour should have a cool undertone. This is so they mimic the natural shadow on the face. Also, remember that blending is your friend!

Tap your brush and use a different shade for contouring

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