Pumping and clumpy mascara

Pumping and clumpy mascara

Mistakes: Holding on to mascaras for too long until they are dry and clumpy (the more you use them, the more air that gets inside and consequently dries the product out) and pumping mascara to get more product, as this again leads to more air in the tube.

Technique: Try and throw out your mascaras after about three months, as they can collect germs within the tube.

Don't hang on to your mascara for too long

The best technique for mascara would be to first, curl your lashes, and then start with the wand at the root of the lashes and wiggle the brush to the tip.

This makes sure all lashes are coated, especially at the root. If you get any clumps, use a spoolie (clean mascara wand) and brush through the lashes to separate them

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