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Sometimes a customer needs to return an item for a refund or an exchange.....what do you do?

If it's within the campaign, they want a refund & you haven't paid for it yet simply take the item back & refund them their money back. If it's the next campaign then arrange to collect the item but don't give them the money back out of your own pocket. If they just want to exchange an item for either a different colour or size, again just take the item back off them.


Go into your account and choose my account, credits. Then search for the item in the campaign that it was delivered in. Select the number of items being credited & the reason code (see picture). Save your credits there or submit to Avon. ***REMEMBER*** the amount you receive back will be the 'Your cost' price & not the amount that the customer paid - you need to give the customer back the full price they paid and so taking down your commission.

FOR A REPLACEMENT Go into your account and choose my account, replacements.Select the number of items being replaced, the reason code & then the code of the item the customer now wants.Then search for the item in the campaign that it was delivered in. You can either save there or carry on to submit to Avon, & choose to have the replacement items sent out immediately. They will either be sent via royal mail or by courier & could come any time.


There are 2 ways to do this: 1-by filling out a page in a returned product book. I'd only do this really when I only have a couple of items to return. 2-by completing the form online. You will always need a barcode (found on the back of your very first invoice or the invoice after you've submitted a credit or replacement - you can also order more for free using the code 91447. You will also need a suitably sized returns bag (free to order. Small - 90480 & Large - 90472) Plus cellotape & a camera.

Use the last 4 digits of the barcode in the parcel barcode number box. Either tear out the page in the returns book or print out the form from online. Put the copy for avon in the returns bag, with the items and tape the barcode to the inside of the bag facing out. Peel back the sticky tape and seal the bag at the top (don't make the bag any smaller). Take a photo of the bag, incase avon say they haven't received the returns.

When your next delivery comes, pass the bag(s) to the driver ensuring they sign your copy of the form.

Now take a photo of the signed form.

One thing to bear in mind if you have complete returns is the Beauty to Makeup selling page - ask on here if anyone is interested in buying the item (you'll not get full brochure price as we are all reps on here) - so sell at somewhere between cost and brochure price. Always say which area you're in (Clifton, Basford, Beeston etc...) & if you're willing to deliver for free or petrol OR if its collection only. This way your year to date sales are protected & these items don't come off your progress towards presidents club.

You can still apply for the credit but if you do then sell the item, remember to bank the money as Avon will recharge you after 36 days of the credit & them not receiving the item back.

Avon have also recently introduced a tracking system so you can check yourself where the returns bags are that you've sent back.

You should be able now to refund your customer their money.

Bar Code

Returns Book

Reason codes

Online printable return form

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