Avon Stationary

For your first two campaigns I supply you with everything you need.

Now you have started to earn some commission you can gradually build up your stationary.

Order forms (FREE) code 87197

Returns bags – large (FREE) code 90472

Returns bags – small (FREE) code 90480

Returns labels (FREE) code 91447

Cardboard Ring sizer (FREE) code 82917

Returns bags (FREE) code 82990

Large paper bags(99p per pk of 50) code 92486

Medium paper bags(65p per pk of 50) code 92478

Small paper bags (40p per pk of 50) code 92502

Plastic carrier bags - large (35p per pk 5) code 92536

Plastic carrier bags - medium (20p per pk 5) code 92528

Brochure bags (80p per pk 50) code 76935

Calling cards (60p per pk 100) code 82933

Party invitations (30 per pad) £1.00 code 90118

Returns book (50p per book) code 82974

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