Brochures - how do you prep yours?

Pop a sample of the latest fragrance in the page it's on - or create a little flier - here is your sample of Butterfly - see page 174 only £8 a bottle (you can get 8 on an A4 page )

An established rep could pop in a newsletter highlighting all the offers, providing product reviews, offering to host a party or holding a competition.

So your books are all prepped & ready to post......OFF YOU GO!!! In the meantime, prep some more order forms or plan where to canvass next - use the whole time to promote YOU as THE Avon lady.

Now its book pick up day - make sure you have your calling book or a pen & paper AND your prepared calling cards (name,number and store link) Fab - there's books on the doorstep, tick them off that they've been picked up & keep going.

Oh - no book here. Knock on. Most times the book (with an order) will be on the coffee table or bottom of the stairs ready. What to say - "Hi, I've just come for the Avon book" & "Would you like me to keep posting you a book?"

People like to see you're reliable before they trust that you'll come back

No answer? Calling card time. Tick 'I came today to pick up your brochure' then circle the day you'll be back for it & post it. Make a note of the house & when you're going back.

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