President's Club Status

President's Club Status Reaching President's Club is a milestone in running your successful Avon business. As a President's Club member, you'll receive extra rewards along the way, which will grow as you progress through the levels.

You can check you're established status by logging onto your account, clicking on 'my account' & 'my status' under where it says President's Club. This will show you how much your sales need to be to get to the next level & also how much on average for the remainder of the campaigns in the current year (1-18) If you're in your first year, it will also show your associate status - the remainder of the campaigns between when you started & the 18th (ie, if you started in c6 you will have c6 through to c5 the next year)

If you are on track for PC then you're doing fantastic - how about teaching others to do what you do & think about Sales Leadership? There are some fantastic rewards to be had, depending on how you want to work it (your way, of course!).

I love to teach people new things, especially empowering them to build up their own businesses & have something just for themselves.

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