The Avon cycle from putting on your order through to paying your bill.

How to place your Avon order Tips when you place your order Always remember to order brochures two campaigns ahead, so if you're currently placing an order in Campaign 6, you will need to order your brochures for campaign 8. Remember to order other essentials you need like customer order forms, brochure bags, samples and delivery bags.

Option 1 - Place your order online Register to the Representative site and follow the instructions. Why order online? Ordering online is quick and easy, and it is available 24/7.Placing your orders online means you can build up your order as your collect your customers' orders throughout the campaign – you don't have to leave all the work until just before you need to submit the order. You can check stock availability before you submit your order. If something is out of stock, offer the customer an alternative so as to avoid disappointment.There is no risk of any postal delays holding up your order.A great benefit of ordering online is being able to have two more selling days, which leaves more time to re-canvass and find new customers.Avon's website offers hints and tips on selling and info on latest Avon news, what's hot and coming soon. It also offers exclusive offers including extra offers for President's Club members.Ordering online helps to increase sales as you can buy exclusive offers to suit a wide range of customers, from make-up to handbags.

Option 2 – Use the fast-track phone line Call: 0333 2345000 The fast-track line is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. There are six options: Press 1 - To place an order Press 2 - To make a payment Press 3 - For account and balance information Press 4 - For order tracking and delivery information Press 5 - To request a replacement or credit Press 0 - To speak to an Advisor for any other queries

How to prepare and deliver your customer orders Preparing your customer orders is easy using our quick tips below! Find the box marked "Invoice enclosed", and open this box first.

Take out the paperwork before you start to unpack the products.

As you unpack each item, find it on the invoice and tick off.

You may find it easier to group products together, e.g. Senses, Naturals, Avon Colour etc.

Collect all your customer order slips relating to your order.

For each customer, find the products that were ordered and place them in an Avon bag.

Include any samples you have so your customer can try them.

If you are using the one stop selling approach you may want to put the next brochure, with a customer order slip, in the bag as well.

Fold the bag and attach one copy of the customer order slip to the bag or place it inside.

You may find it easier to place all your bagged orders in an empty delivery box or bag for you to take out.

You are now ready to deliver your customer orders.

Remember to wear an Avon fragrance and jewellery so you can promote them to any customers you see and to take any new product you want to demonstrate.

Deliver your orders on the date you stated on the customer order slip – your customers will be expecting you.

Remember not to leave an order without having received payment.

How to manage your money We all know that keeping track of your finances can be difficult, so we've pulled together this checklist to help you manage your Avon money! Keep your Avon money separate – it's a good idea to have a different purse or wallet so your money doesn't get mixed up.

You can even set up a new account to keep your Avon money.

Always carry change – try to keep some small change on you to help you and your customer out.

Remember that Avon doesn't accept customer cheques.

If your customers wish to pay by cheque, make sure they make them payable to you, not Avon. If you are accepting cheques as a form of payment, be vigilant and make sure you write down the cheque card number on the back of the cheque.

Never leave goods with the customer without full payment – even with people you know.

You can always explain this payment policy when you pick up your orders from your customers, it's outlined on the customer order slip.Make sure that customers have added up their orders correctly on the customer order slip.

As soon as you have collected the amount you owe Avon, pay your Avon account – certainly within 13 days of the date of your invoice, or when placing your next order if that is sooner. When you have paid Avon what you owe, the rest is yours, unless you have already sold on some Money Maker items – see the tip below.

Remember that extra charges are applied if your payment is late and your next order may be delayed.

Always keep your invoices, your copy of your returns forms and payment receipts so you have a record of your transactions.

If you ever get into a muddle with your finances, it is best to contact us as soon as possible so we can help you make suitable arrangements.

Money maker tip! Remember that Money Maker offers are billed 2 campaigns after the products are supplied to you so make sure you set aside the money from customers as you receive it - or pay it to Avon early!

You can pay online by logging into the Avon website

Click on 'My Account' and choosing 'Make a Payment'.

You can use your debit card to make a payment.

You can pay by cash using the Giro Slip on your invoice. There is a 57p charge for this, which you need to add to your payment, so if your order is for £402.40, you should pay £402.97.

£402.40 is the payment that will show on your next invoice

How to pay Avon

Option 1 - pay online

Option 2 - pay by phone

Option 3 - pay at any Post Office or HSBC Bank The amount you owe Avon is shown on your invoice.

Paying for your Avon order is simple, with three possible ways to pay:

You can ring fast-track, our automated telephone service, on 0333 234 5678 . Select option '2' to pay for your order using your debit card.

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