Lets get those Legs into Summer Shape!

When it comes to shaving your legs, you want to do it right. Shaving your legs may seem a little intimidating, but with some advice and a little preparation, your legs will be super smooth in no time.

Firstly, there's no right age to start shaving your legs. When you start growing more hair, you often want to remove it. But just because your friend is shaving doesn’t mean you have to do the same. Some start shaving because their hair is dark and others are eager to learn how to shave. It’s really about waiting until you feel the time is right. Having body hair is perfectly normal and some people may decide to not shave at all. When you feel like you’re ready to start shaving, talk to your parents first and learn how to do it safely.

Here’s what you need to know when you’re ready to start shaving your legs:

First, buy a good razor just for you.

Choose Avon's ladies razors with rounded, pivoting heads and a handle with a soft grip. It makes it easy to shave ankles and behind the knees

When you're first starting out, be sure to soak your legs in water in either the shower or bath for 2-3 minutes to soften the hair. Then, lather up with Avon's Moisturising Shave Gel a protective shave gel to make sure the razor glides easily over your skin. It also helps you keep track of where you’ve shaved to avoid missing any spots! Start at your ankle and pull the razor upward. Do not push too hard, but instead use a light touch with the razor. As you shave, be sure to rinse the blades often to keep them clean.

There are certain parts of your legs where you should be extra careful: your knees, shins and ankles. These areas are curved so you can’t just pull the razor without a little technique. Slow down and concentrate when you get to these places.

An important rule to remember is to never shave your legs when they're dry. This will cause razor burn, which can cause an itchy, red rash. Dry shaving can also cause ingrown hairs.

Once you’re all finished, wash off any remaining shave gel and dry off with a towel. Moisturize your legs and then congratulate yourself! You did it! You successfully shaved your legs and now you have super smooth legs to show for it. Also, be sure that after each shave you rinse and air-dry your razor to help prevent it from becoming clogged.

When it comes to shaving again, that timing is completely up to you. Simply shave as often as you need to – some girls shave every day and some only twice a week. It’s about what feels right for you and makes you feel confident.

If shaving is not for you then try Avon's Sensitive hair removal cream or wax strip kit.

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