Live, Laugh Love Avon

We was all very excited and set off on our journey.


What a fabulous time we had and we scrub up well too lol

I spent the day with these lovely ladies Janet, Sam and Carolyn and what a fabulous time we had.

Lots of new exciting things coming in the next few months and I will share just a few of our best bits....

There was the 5 minuet morning face challenge!

Avon's new make up range where they challenged us to put our make up on in less than 5 mins.

Every day looks in less than 5 mins and it works!

We all have very busy lives but as you can see this is what can be accomplished in less than 5 mins!

and she beat the clock!

The atmosphere was electric! People winning awards for their achievements throughout the year.

Our Ruby division was top this year whoop whoop!

The food was amazing!

We was truly spoilt and lots of freebies too!

This is truly the event of the year for Sales Leaders and we all started out as Avon Representatives. So why not you? Why not today!

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