That tube of lip balm we all have rolling around the bottom of our bag is so much more than just a fix for chapped lips! Here’s a list of 19 surprising and useful ways to use lip balm that you may not have considered before.

Soothe an irritated nose

Repeatedly wiping and blowing your nose due to a cold or allergies often results in a dry, irritated skin around or inside the nose. Get fast relief by running a finger over your tube of lip balm, then wiping the finger over the irritated areas.

Cuticle cream substitute

If you notice a cracked cuticle that’s threatening to become a painful hangnail, head it off by applying a bit of lip balm to the area.

Prevent blisters in a pinch

Blisters from shoes are a result of friction between the shoe and your foot. If your shoe is rubbing and you can’t change into a different pair right away, you can minimise friction and avoid a painful blister by applying a layer of lip balm to the area.

Mess from at-home hair colouring

Keep your hair-dye on your hair and off of your skin by applying a layer of lip balm around your hairline.

Post-shaving Knicks

Dab a bit of lip balm on a razor knick to stop the bleeding quickly.

Tame flyaway and static hair

Flyaway and static hair is easily tamed with a bit of lip balm! Simply swipe a few fingers over your lip balm and smooth the hairs back into place.

Emergency eye cream

To soothe puffy eyes or under eye circles, lip balm makes a great substitute for eye cream in a pinch!

Tame rogue eyebrows

Smooth that stray eyebrow hair back into place with a small dab of lip balm on your finger.

Remove sticker residue

Dissolve that maddening residue from stickers by applying a layer of clear lip balm to the area. Wait 10 minutes, then wipe away the lip balm and loosened residue!

Erase mascara smudges

Mascara smudges from crying, laughing, allergies, or sweating can be lifted easily using a bit of lip balm. Another bonus – the lip balm won’t affect any foundation or makeup you’re wearing underneath!

Unstick a zipper

Fix a stuck zipper by smearing a small amount of lip balm over the zipper’s teeth where it’s stuck. This will lubricate the zipper parts and help them slide against each other correctly.

Keep shoelaces tied

If your shoes laces keep coming untied during the day, lip balm can provide a quick fix. Just rub a bit of lip balm into the knot using your finger, which will provide friction to help the knot stay tied.

Shine your shoes

If your shoes are looking a little dull, but you don’t have the time or the money to go get a shoe shine, rub some lip balm on your shoes and buff them with a dry washcloth.

Remove a stuck ring

No need to pull and tug on your poor beleaguered finger to try to remove that stuck ring. Simply coat the finger with lip balm and gently wriggle the ring loose.

Lubricate tracks for easier sliding

Apply lip balm to the tracks of drawers and windows, or to the ridges on a medicine cabinet, for easier opening and shutting.

Protect a pet’s paws from ice

Walking on ice, snow and salt can cause irritation on your pet’s paws in wintry conditions. Coat your pets’ paw pads with clear lip balm before heading out the door. The balm will serve as a barrier to safeguard sensitive paws.

Rust-proof outdoor light bulbs

When your porch light burns out, it can be tough to twist the light bulb out because moisture from rain and snow caused it to rust in the socket. Coat the threads of the new bulb with lip balm BEFORE twisting it into place. The film will act as a sealant to stop water from seeping in and oxidising the metal. When it comes time to change the bulb again, you’ll be able to unscrew it with ease.

Prevent nails from splitting wood

When hammering a nail into a piece of wood, sometimes you end up splitting the lumber. Rub clear lip balm over the hardware before starting any job. The slick coating will help the nails slide into the wood without incident.

Make an improvised candle

Open your lip balm and insert a match stick. The matchstick acts like a wick, absorbing the wax from the lip balm to keep the flame burning. It won’t burn all evening, but it is a good temporary candle that will make it a lot easier to get a fire started.

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