The Best Natural Ingredients For Your Skin

July 18, 2018


What goes into your beauty products matters! For your softest, smoothest, youngest-looking complexion ever, you’ll want to make sure your creams and lotions are chock full of the very best, most effective ingredients. And here’s a big bonus: Some of the top ones out there these days come straight from nature. Meet the natural wonders you need to know about now.


Chia seeds


These tiny little guys are a mainstay in smoothie bowls and health food stores for a reason: Loaded with antioxidants, they’re one of the most potent superfoods available. They’re also highly beneficial for skin.  Chia seeds provide incredible levels of hydration thanks to their omega-3 fatty acids and hero-like ability to hold up to 12 times their weight in water. That’s why they’re the star ingredient throughout Avon NutraEffects, a highly effective new skin-care collection designed to harness the power of the chia.


Shea butter


Got dry skin? Then you’ll want to get acquainted with this thick, rich ingredient derived from the nut of the African shea tree. It’s an unparalleled hydrator! The Avon Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration with Shea Butter collection contains this healing property in each product, infusing your skin with the calming nutrients it needs for long-lasting hydration and health!




Pomegranate is quite the powerhouse; loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, it can help firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines! That’s why it’s one of the key active ingredients in three products in Avon’s NutraEffects Ageless range: Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20, Night Cream, and Eye Cream.


Macadamia oil


This do-it-all oil can be found in our pantries and now it’s taking over our skincare regimens! Expressed from the nut meat of the Macadamia tree, it moisturizes skin and hair on contact, leaving it nourished and noticeably softer. Find it in Avon Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple Phase Oil.

nutraeffects Radiance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20








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