Bright Summer Accessories

love the new Casa Di Rosa Italian-inspired collection that is new to Avon. Each exclusive design is inspired by the beauty and elegance of Italy, created with exceptional craftsmanship and made using premium materials and hardware.

First up is the Leoni Premium Colour Block Handbag. This stunning handbag comes in 2 colours, red or mustard. My favourite is the mustard, but don't worry, I will definitely be using the red too!

The quality of these bags is outstanding, with hand-painted edges and metal feet for a luxurious finish. I can't tell you how many times the bottom of a handbag has been ruined, because it did not have the metal feet to protect it every time I put the bag down. This is a must in my books. The inside of the bags have matching colour linings with a phone compartment and a zipped compartment. They are spacious, I could easily carry 2 notebooks, my purse, my camera and some makeup items. Each handbag also comes with a detachable strap. Whichever colour you choose, these lovely handbags are elegant yet practical.

Next up are the new Casa Di Rosa Leoni Fringed Sandals. These gorgeous sandals are made in Italy with beautiful, genuine suede. They are designed with your comfort and style in mind. You can choose from black or mustard and comes in Sizes 4-8. I am so happy!

I really needed a new pair of sandals and these are perfect. I can't wait for some dry, warm spring weather, so that I can finally put on a lovely maxi dress and my new Leoni sandals. Unfortunately it is raining so much right now I couldn't wear them outside, so I wore them inside instead! They are extremely comfortable, no rubbing or chafing, and a perfect fit! You will definitely love these sandals! Both the handbags and the sandals will be available in Brochure 9. I hope you will love this new collection as much as I do, as they say in Italian, it is ‘Bellissimo’!

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