How to sell Skincare

Skincare is the most profitable beauty category for Avon and our Representatives. Skincare customers tend to be loyal to a skincare product that they are happy with and they tend to buy in sets, leading to higher average sales for you. Avon's skincare products are the result of extensive scientific research and innovation.

Here are some handy hints and tips from our top-performing Representatives to help you sell Avon's skincare products to your customers.

  • Suggest a trial size product to begin with or give out some free samples. They're ideal for customers who would like to try our skincare. Skincare can be a big investment so trying before buying gives your customers the chance to make sure the product is right for them!

  • Avon's skincare ranges feature high-tech claims and innovative technology, often with impressive customer trial results that speak for themselves!

  • We feature skincare assessment charts in our brochures to guide customers with their choice of product – by familiarising yourself with this you can help your customer choose the right product based on her skin type and her skin's needs.

  • For loyal customers who are already buying into other types of products, such as make-up or toiletries, you could make the most of the Money Maker offers in First Look to offer them a full-sized skincare product at a discount.

  • If you use the products yourself, go ahead and tell your customers which ones work for you and which of the products you would recommend. Remember, be your own best customer!

  • Ask customers if they have a separate day and night cream, reminding them of the importance of an SPF in the daytime, and a cream that replenishes during the night. You could even offer a discount if they buy both.

  • Track your customers buying habits and use link selling techniques to increase your sales. If a customer has already bought an eye cream, try promoting another product in the same range. You might say, 'I see you've been using the Anew Ultimate Eye Cream, have you tried the Anew Ultimate Day Cream?' You could offer a trial size or sample so they can try the product themselves.

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