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Denise from Derby says:

This is Brilliant!! I no longer lose my pasta in the sink! It's also brilliant for draining excess fat out if your mince meat etc. It pops back into itself to save space in the cupboard. I'd definitely recommend this!! No more trying to hold hot lids over pans when straining water! And no more huge colander taking up space!!

Jackie from Nottingham says:

I love this as i don't wear foundation. Apply with a blusher brush all over or just on the areas of skin that have imperfections. It is perfect if your like me and don't use foundation as foundation can feel strange if your not use to it whereas this is light on your skin

Kayleigh from Long Eaton says:

I LOVE these, my make up bag is slowly filling with them and since they're in the clearance currently I can see me investing in more. Such fantastic, bold colours and so quick and easy to use. Use as a lip liner and fill in the rest then your ready to go, plus it stays put too, you can rub it on you hand and get a mark but check your lips and its still there without a smudge. At £3.50 currently I'd recommend these.

Wendy from Ilkeston says: I've been using the royal jelly hand cream on my hands. I have eczema but found it wonderful. Just in case you have customers with the same complaint I'd recommend it.

Carolyn from Derby says:

Review of the hair dyes. This one is intense red. As you can see, it gives great coverage, and really gives my hair a good conditioning. Its easy to apply and washed off the bath after (!) my tip would be to have a window open though as the smell is quite strong. I'm so impressed with them I don't think i'll have my hair coloured at the hairdressers again!!!

Kayleigh from Long Eaton says:

⭐⭐ REVIEW ⭐⭐ This hand cream is amazing, it does a wonderful job on making your hands softer as any hand cream does but this goes further, its a relaxation and enjoyable experience. The lavender isn't some artificial scent which some scented hand creams sometimes smell like, this genuinely smell like you've been running your hands through a lavender plant. I keep this in my handbag but frequently use along side the lavender pillow spray when I go to bed for a all round relaxing and therapeutic experience and the best part is you only need a little bit so it lasts AGES. Love this product and is definitely in my top 5 Avon products.

Deirdre from Ireland says: Just another amazing product from Avon with an amazing price tag. Every time I go to a hot country for my holidays I worry about the damage the sun can do to my blonde hair so I purchase the best products and most expensive to protect it, and it still dries out and goes frizzy. This time I used Avon Advance Techniques shampoo and conditioner plus the BB leave in balm and I can honestly say I'm so impressed with the condition of my hair here in Dubai considering the 40 degrees heat outside. I truly recommend this Hair care to anyone and the price is the quarter of what I paid before with no results at all.

Jackie from Nottingham says:

As recommended by Deirdre I used this this morning and when my son went to kiss me bye bye he pats me on the head and said mum your hair is really soft.

Janet from Basford says: . The reed diffuses are amazing, i have one in each room esp toilet and bathroom as i have two big boys. Avon are bringing out some lovely aroma's that last for 30 days so nice and fresh rooms all day

Kerry from Nottingham says:

Just used this and wow!! Feet were aching after a fantastic day on the market recruiting so needed a little tlc. Now they feel fresh and revived. Great product & highly recommended.

Denise From Derby says: Avon True Colour Supreme Nourishing Lip Gloss. Violet Beauty. I suffer from dry cracked lips so am wary of what I put on them as some products make them worse. I've been wearing this for a few days now and it is very moisturizing. My lips feel lovely. It lasts well and is really glossy. I much prefer lip gloss to lipstick because of the high shine.... well.. with this I'm getting the best of both worlds because it's got the colour strength of lipstick which is rare in a gloss. I would recommend this lip gloss to everyone! I love it!

Emma from Derby says:

I've been using this for the last month and it has really reduced the dark circles and smoothed the skin out as it was just starting to pull a little when I applied my makeup. The cream is for the under eye and gel for under the brow you also only need a tiny bit. I apply mine by gently dabbing it starting against your nose going outwards. I'm defiantly going to carry on using this as part of my skin care routine.

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