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Denise White‎ Avon Representative in the Ripley area.

☆ mark. Glow on face illuminator. ☆

I bought this as I have very bad combination skin, very oily but very dry too.. (yeah strange, I know). Usually, as soon as I apply any form of foundation, my skin starts to visibly flake. This makes me feel super self conscious! So I took the plunge and gave this a go. I applied it to my whole face. It immediately gave my skin a healthy glow. I used it alone with no foundation because I didn't feel that I needed it once I saw it on. It stayed put ALL day! There was no greasy feel to it and best of all, my skin stayed flake free!! I absolutely love this product! It's definitely a 10 our of 10 from me

Denise White

Independant Avon Representative and Sales Leader covering the Ripley area

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