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Gem Sprague Independent Avon Representative in the Worcester area.

Review: Mark Gel Shine in 'Mint to be' by Avon

I recently treated myself to Avon new range of Mark nail varnishes and 'Mint to be' was one of my favourite colours that they had in their wide range of colours.

Being a veterinary nurse, painting your nails is a treat we don't often get to do on a regular basis (as we need to be sterile when helping with operations) so with a week off ahead of me I decided to try this nail varnish!

Now I've always struggled a bit getting an even coat on my nails when painting them, and this nail varnish was a pleasant surprise as it glided on perfectly and evenly. It even let me add touches more if I didn't have enough product on the brush. I applied the first coat and left it to dry, and was happy that it had applied an even coat. I could have quite possibly left it as a single coat as the coverage was great but decided to apply another thin layer on top. I loved that it looked and felt like a professional finish and it dried fairly quickly.Sadly I've had to take it off before work now, but have enjoyed my days having 'pretty mummy nails' as my 3 year old son said! Can't wait till I have another few days off so I can do it again!!The other thing that impressed me about this product is that it didn't chip or wear which I found amazing. I'm constantly opening baby food jars, washing up dishes and generally using nails to open packets of rice cakes or baby wipes! This certainly had staying power and I was highly impressed with it!

Gem Sprague

Independent Avon Representative in the Worcester Area.

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