Your Best Eye shadow Palette—and how to use it for Saturday Nights!

There’s a world of pretty shadows to enhance and brighten your eye color. Don’t be afraid to experiment: A palette of shadows is the perfect way to play!

Play up blue or green eyes

Light eyes pop when they’re paired with rich, warm tones like chocolate brown or bronze that provide a beautiful contrast. Cool-toned neutrals such as soft taupe, mauve, champagne, and dove gray also make a major impact without distracting from your natural eye color.

Try: Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in Smoky Nights, or DIY your own Custom Eye Palette using the mark. Clique it Compact with individual Eyeshadow Singles (We love the earthy combo of Wild, Moody, and Cookie for light-eyed girls.)

Brighten brown or hazel eyes

Metallic shadows like copper, peach, and rose gold pick up on the golden flecks in your natural eye color. To amp up dark eyes even more (and make the whites of your eyes look whiter), swap out your black or brown eyeliner for a deep purple or navy. Use a small liner brush to smudge a color like mark. Eyeshadow Single in Audacious across the top lash line.

Perk up eyes with pink and peach

Earth-toned neutrals are awesome, but why not add some new, unexpected ones into the mix? A shimmering rose or peach is a sweet way to wear a nude. Just dust over your lids for an angelic, fresh spring look.

Try: mark. Eyeshadow Singles in Pixie or Tigerlily, or Avon True Color 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Muse

A pop of bold color

A vibrant purple or blue eye shadow may seem a tad crazy or too fashion model-y to wear in real life, but you can pull it off—even for everyday. The trick is to do just the barest hint of one single hue. For example, smudge a little flash of bright purple just along the lash line and keep the rest of your lid bare. Or apply a sheer sweep of color (we love Lush, a subtle green shimmer) over your lids. Pair it with a coat of black mascara, and done!

Try: mark. Eyeshadow Singles in Lush, Suspicious, or Audacious

Make the most of your palette

There are always one or two colors (usually the safest of the bunch) that you end up using all the time, while some of the more intense—and potentially dazzling—go untouched. Here’s how to use the whole spectrum of shades: Super dark ones like metallic charcoal or indigo are great eyeliners. Apply with a tiny brush on the outer edge of the upper and lower lashes. And that one-off pastel lavender, gold or khaki shade? Try dusting a sheer wash of it over the lid, or smudge a little at the inner corners to open up your eyes in a playful (but not over-the-top) way.

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