How to get more customers.

Avon Samples & ways to advertise your business & products for FREE

There are some great ideas on how to promote your samples.

We make flyers to fit the samples and highlight special days

Offer your customers the Lip stick sample box full of Lip sticks you know they love

Offer the Fragrance Dip Stick holder with samples of Fragrances you know they will love.

Get creative there are so many ways to show your customers samples with out even buying them.

Take a basket like this to events or ask to leave in Hairdresser's shops.

I leave a basket like this in an Old peoples complex's in their sitting room sometimes they cannot get out but love to try new products and I always have orders from there and from different customers each time too, sometimes even their visitors.

My customers love this.

This one isn't mine but i do have one like this in all our Nail varnish ranges.

I take it round with me when i deliver my orders.

The customer gets a better view of what the colours actually look like and can try it over their own nail.

Its not just giving the customer a sample its showing them what you have too. Take your buys with you and get more orders that way we all love to see a product before we buy it.

Take pictures on your phone of articles you have seen in magazines and show your customers.

Show your customers reviews you have done on your Face book page and ask your fellow reps if you can use theirs too. Again you can use your phone to show them.

There are so many Social Media sites you can advertise all your products.

Send your customers a news letter each campaign either email it or make one yourself and print out

Have competitions on your page to promote it and offer a small gift as a prize, everyone loves a freebie.

Do people know you sell Avon ?

Pop this on your Avon page to get more customers

Anyone having a is a no-cost idea. This page is from the inside cover of an Avon brochure, and the frame is a cardboard one that I get with the children's' school photos!

Get Creative organza bags can be bought from ebay so cheaply these days and its just another special touch.

IF anyone has leftover books its always worth checking the inside covers. They can be cut to make a nice double sided flyer, advertising Matte & Reds. You could team it up with a sample or store card.

I'm always selling spare items on Facebook sites. When people collect I always put the item in an Avon bag with my store card (and SL recruiting card). I've got 2 new customers so far this way - one even earned me more commission than the original item she bought !!!!!

Treat your customers for the price of a box of Tea Bags

The Best and cheapest Tip of them all say

"Thank you" to your customers.

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