Tips on how to keep your business open in the Summer holidays by Avon Cosmetic Beauty Representative

Investing in additional brochures over summer means i can leave my brochures with my customers for a little longer while i still enjoy the summer holidays

The more books you buy the cheaper the packs become.

Everyone will be needing Sun care so highlight the fantastic offers. Don't forget to link sell After sun too.

SSS yes we shout about this all over summer because it works and basically sells itself . I've sold 75 bottles in the last 2 campaigns

Advertise your Avon every where you go let everyone know your an Avon Representative always have an Avon brochure where ever you go. On day trips there is always mummies pull out your brochure and hey presto!

Take old books where ever you go with a sticker on the front saying 'This is an old book, if you'd like to see a current one contact me on.... or shop at....' leave at bus stops, soft play areas, any waiting areas for appointments etc but leave a current book for staff at that place x

I've been to this dentist this morning, 2 older books left in different parts of the waiting area and new book given to staff

You will find all this information under Social Media on your Avon Store page Your store can always be open EVEN IF YOU’RE ON HOLIDAY! While you’re away, you may just want to serve your existing customers rather than accepting new customers. To do this you’ll need to follow this simple step; Click ‘hide’ from ‘Find a Representative Search' in your store settings in manage my store This option, will allow your existing customers and anyone you have given your My Avon Store link to, to still be able to access your store and place orders. However, you’ll not appear if a customer searches using their postcode on the Find a Representative function. Also, don’t forget to change your availability back to ‘Show in Find a Representative Search’ when you come back from holiday so that you can benefit from the search. Remember, to show in Find A Representative, you’ll have to; Add a profile picture on My Avon Store Been with Avon for over four campaigns Placed two orders out of the last three campaigns Achieved a sales value of £175 or more in your last three campaigns Have no outstanding balance from your past four campaigns Other tips & advice Check for new customer and order requests every day Accept new customer order requests within 24hrs Contact customers to clarify order details Process new orders in your Representative website within 3 days Update up your store every campaign Add your order and delivery dates Choose which departments you want to feature and add new ‘Get the look’ Tag the latest products you love and recommend Promote your store Send out your store link and message via social media and email. Use Social Media Centre to share the latest videos, products and ads Keep your store profile up to date Ensure your contact details are correct Refresh your welcome message Ensure you have a recent photo of yourself, reflecting how you want your business to be seen by others Take a look at Help for videos and how to guides.

Where to find customers - Take a brochure into work and ask your family and friends if they can take one to their work places. Make sure there's a brochure in your handbag at any family or friends get togethers. Take a brochure into your hairdressers or beauty salon. Ask if you can leave a brochure at the local shops, cafes or any offices in your area. Take a brochure along to your children's clubs or sports events. Leave a brochure in your local community centre. 'Donate' a brochure to the magazine pile in your doctor's surgery! Take a brochure with you to the gym. Pop a brochure in your handbag when you're picking the children up from school – you never know who you might talk to at the school gates! If you have an area to cover follow these tips - Preparing your brochures; Write your name and phone number on the order form, circle around the day of collection and fill in the delivery date. You may like to give your customers an incentive, such as "spend £20 get a Free gift" you can buy cheap items from the first look clearance, write this in the box on the order form. Put 2 or 3 order forms in each book and ask customers to take into work or show friends. Place the order forms in the book on a smelly page or flag a page showing a good offer. Place in a brochure bag to keep clean. Collecting your brochures; Allow at least 2­ to 3 days between delivery of books and collection, as any shorter time will not give the customer sufficient time to look at the book. When picking up your books check that each customer has written their name and address on the order form.Take a pen and calling book with you when collecting books and make a note of any books not collected, go back again the next day to collect any not left out. Once you have collected your books check the order forms have been filled in correctly. Check product numbers and the price is correct. Make sure any Free items have been ordered. You can always back order from the previous book, make sure you write the correct book on the order form. Remember any books left in your home are not working and therefore are not making you money! More tips on canvassing your territory here. If you haven't been allocated an area but would like one then please contact your upline sales leader.

Keep active on social media - lots of customers will be browsing facebook while their darlings are playing. Go to the 'media centre' on My Avon Store and share some of the pictures / videos onto your news feed

Going away? Why not utilise the different types of order & delivery options - I've just had my c12 delivery but I'm away when my c13 delivery is due. So I've decided to get the c13 orders in early and will be putting it on as an additional order so I can get the orders out before we go away.

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