How to Live The Boss Life

Earning extra money, making your own hours, and working from home doing something you love—it all sounds like a dream! But it also seems kind of scary, right? Whether it’s leaving a comfy day job or starting your own side gig, the thought of taking a chance on yourself can be daunting. Yet, as these women prove, it can be done—and it can pay off big time. We asked some of our inspiring Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders to share why they took the entrepreneurial plunge, their secrets for success, and of course, how they look so good while doing it all.

Jackie McAllister

Avon Executive Sales Leader Independent

I started work in my 40's​

After my eldest son was born, I dipped in and out of the workforce, making a bit of extra money here and there by taking occasional cleaning jobs and work in a supermarket. But by the time my youngest was about to start secondary school, I was a stay at home mum. My daily uniform was leggings and a t-shirt, and as I scoured the local newspaper for part time jobs, my sole aim was to use my newly acquired free time to make some extra cash for Christmas. It was with that attitude that I applied for a position as a freelance sales representative for a retail organisation.

The role would push me out of my comfort zone, forcing me – an unconfident driver – to venture beyond the local streets I felt comfortable in, and go off to sell to complete strangers in their own homes. I returned from my first round resolute that I was going to quit. But then the orders started coming in - £400 on my first attempt, £2,000 on my second. My confidence bolstered, I began to get in touch with strengths that had been asleep for years. As a recovering alcoholic, I’ve had my fair share of struggles, but out of all that came an ability to relate to people and their histories. Building rapport, so essential to sales, came easily to me.

More orders followed and soon the organisation knocked on the door, inviting me to step up into a more senior position. I agreed, relishing the chance to grow my income. The lady who’d originally recruited me was lovely, but she hadn’t really inspired me to see that this was a bigger opportunity than just making some extra cash. Then along came my fabulous mentor, who not only shone a light on what was possible, but also made me believe I could absolutely achieve whatever I set out to.

I started setting myself goals beyond just what I wanted in that month’s pay packet – items I wanted to be able to purchase come bonus pay-outs, and positions within the company I wanted to rise to. Within two years, I’d achieved what some of the best representatives achieve in ten, and six years after first starting out, I’ve made the cut as a top nationwide seller.

Success has seen me stretch myself, grow as a person and in confidence, and become comfortable with so many things that once frightened me. It’s also made me go easier on myself in many regards – I focus less now on past mistakes and more on future potential.

But success hasn’t come without its challenges. Being that bit older starting out meant that picking up new things doesn’t come quite as automatically as it used to. My youngest son gave me a crash course in computing, and since then, I’ve had to put in the time to grapple with new technology. Unfortunately, I’ve also had to deal with some unpleasantness from people who were affronted by my success and the spotlight it put me under. Most surprising of all was that they were often senior figures. My mentor’s advice was to rise above it. As she says: It’s a sure sign you’re doing something right!

I’ve also had a tackle my tendency to go overboard. My addictive personality drew me into a trap of working every hour I could – always wanting to do more and push myself harder, reaching the next goal in record time. As relationships and work-life balance suffered, I had to set boundaries. After all, the main reason for choosing this path was the flexibility it offered, so I had to learn to tell the difference between an evening or weekend text message that needed actioning right away, and one that could wait until Monday morning.

With that came a lesson in delegation. I’d made the rookie manager mistake of trying to do everything for my delegates. I soon realised that the stars in the team shone much brighter when I gave them information and support when they needed it, then stepped away and let them get on with it. My 400+ team is now all the more powerful for it.

I always tell people I couldn’t have done this without my amazing mentor. This job came along at a time when I was about to have more time on my hands and could easily have fallen into old, unhealthy habits. Her belief in me, her openness and willingness to share information, enabled me to see the true possibilities. She made me see that a business without goals is just plodding along and I’m more determined than ever to keep forging ahead, growing my team and being the best possible mentor I too can be to those coming up behind.

Denise White

Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader in the area.

Avon is the perfect business for me. I am a mum of 4 children aged 12, 5, 2 and 9 months. This business firstly enabled me to get out and about meeting new people and making some amazing friends along the way.I had no self confidence at all before I joined. I have recently been able to leave my part time job to spend all of my time with my children. I cried most days when having to leave them so that I could do the day job. With out Avon there is no way that I could have done that. I work the hours I want when I want. I am a sales leader with Avon and it's so rewarding to see people that I have helped succeeding. I fractured my spine in 2011 and am always in pain from the injury but with Avon being a as an when I want/can type of business it's helped me so much with pain management. My children love helping me out and it's become a real family business for us which has changed our lives for the better.

Contact: Jessica Macintyre

Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader in the South end on Sea area.

I joined Avon a few month ago I've always loved Avon and the Charity work they do

A few years ago I was in a very bad violent relationship and with him for over 7 years. They helped me when I needed them most, so this charity that Avon support is very close to my heart what they did to help me to be me again. I've never been so happy.

I've since met some one else and we have a son together the Domestic Violence team helped me so much and encouraged me to start to become an Avon Representative and Sales Leader I'm . so happy to be with a great team who support each other.

Kerri Lowe

Independent Avon Representative

I was approached by an Avon Sales Leader and they explained how it works and all information that is needed, and how they provide everything to get you started. I was sceptical, especially as I knew I was somebody that didn't have family and friends to buy from me. Anyway I decided to do it, I thought even if I only make a few pounds it would give me pocket money as I was a full time mummy. I also wanted to start my driving lessons which would make a big difference to my life. Just doing the school run would knock of 30/40 minutes off the journey. So I was given territory and I delivered brochures and collected them. Was I surprised with the orders I received. Of course I was, reached over 160 to receive highest commission rate. Every campaing after just went up and up. I was doing avon for 8 months and I passed my theory test. 4 month later I passed my driving test. ( 1st time too) I did this all and treated myself to around £20 a campaign to buy products for me. And this made me feel better about myself as any money I did have I spent on the children(which us mums do) I still do avon and I like doing it,my customer are lovely and the older ones like a chat.

Kelly Brown

Independent Avon Representative

I started Avon nearly 11 years ago when my son was 5 months old. I was on maternity leave from my office job and wanted something to help earn some extra money and keep me busy (not that I wasn't busy enough with a new born) I loved Avon anyway and was a regular customer so thought I'd give it ago. I haven't looked back since. Avon has helped me in so many ways. I have been able to treat the kids more often. I have paid for several uk mini breaks sometimes a few in 1 year, it's given me a massive confidence boost which I can confidently speak to anyone now about anything especially Avon where as before I was quiet and wouldn't speak to anyone I didn't know. And best of all I have met some amazing friends along the way. I can honestly say hand on heart I love Avon. I am an honest rep and if I'm not sure about a product I will discuss with my customers and get other people's feedback as well and I am always more than happy to help you find something that's suits you.

Kerry Seward

Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader in the Clifton Nottingham area.

I joined Avon in 2011 when my youngest son was a few months old. I thought I'd give it a try for a few campaigns, just to earn some extra money for Christmas. Nearly 6 years later & I have built up a fantastic customer base, who I can also now call friends - and it keeps on growing each and every campaign. I hit presidents club in my 2nd year which has some awesome perks including celebration events, discounted brochures and even better deals on products. I've been in the silver level 2 years running and this year I'm on track for Silver plus. I have the support of a fantastic team - with our upliner Jackie coaching and developing us all the way. For this reason, 2 years ago I took the step into Sales Leadership, training others to build up their own successful businesses and achieve their own goals. For me, Avon isn't just about the money, but the empowerment it's given me, the friendships I have made and the self confidence I have gained. So go on, give Avon a try like I did & work it your way

Contact: Carolyn Toogood

Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader in the Chellaston Area

I joined Avon 3 1/2 years ago as a representative, to earn some extra money while my children were at school. From the first campaign I loved the flexibility of my job, the interaction with my customers and the products I was selling. After 6 months I was invited to become a Sales Leader to recruit and run my own team. I was really excited about this - the chance to show others how to be a successful Avon representative, and get paid for doing it ! Since then I have never looked back, my team has grown to over 60 representatives, with 3 amazing Sales Leaders in my own team. The money I earn pays for holidays, days out, new furniture, and Christmas is taken care of each year with my Avon earnings. The money is only part of the reason I love Avon....I've made some amazing friends, and been to fabulous events and days out. My confidence and self esteem has improved. Most importantly though, my children are very proud of me, they can see that hard work brings rewards and I'm teaching them lessons that will serve them well in life.

Contact: Janet Fewster 07910 894 355

Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader in the Basford Nottingham area.

My Avon journey, I joined Avon as a rep four years ago after having to finish nursing due to a very bad back, i already had a rep who was leaving so she put me in touch with her sales leader called Laura. Laura came out to my house and signed me up, after a year Laura left Avon and i rolled upto Jackie McAllister. One day a customer of mine phoned me to ask how she goes about signing up to be a rep, i contacted Jackie who very cleverly told me that if i became a sales leader i could sign the customer up to my team and grow even more, This meant coming out of my comfort zone by going into people's houses but i thought hey why not i have time on my hand and i can earn even more cash, so Jackie came out signed me as her trainee and my sales leader journey began. In the 3 years i have been a sales leader i have been all over the country attending events set up by Avon, i now have a decent size team of 31 reps and a trainee sales leader who is working hard to grow like i have. I've learnt how to do ads on social media and i now attend job centres on my own to recruit. I also attend markets with Jackie's team to recruit other people to my team. I have brought my own car, furnished my house and decorated my house to how i want it. My husband is one of my team members along with my step son. We have weekends away together all paid for by Avon. I'll end this now by saying i really wish i'd signed up years ago as i love my Avon family and our upliner has trained me to be all i can be and more.

Kayleigh Bates

Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader in the Long Eaton Nottingham area.

Avon has really changed my life. I have an illness which causes pain and fatigue which I have to work around, I had reduced my hours at work to 25 and yet I was still struggling. Then my pay was being cut by 25% and my son with Autism was moving to secondary school so I needed to be there for him too - my doctor said finish work to look after him and yourself which was great for about 3 weeks... and then the boredom set in. I tried to find various hobbies that wouldn't aggravate my illness but would keep my mind ticking over, nothing worked. Then I saw an ad for Avon and toyed with the idea, especially since I used to help my mum do it when I was younger and for whatever reason it slipped my mind until I saw an ad on Facebook and I rang up, got some information and ended up joining. Less than a year later I have been a rep and am now a Sales Leader with my own team, teaching others to do what I do, working around my illness do the hours/days I want/can, work about my son and school meetings etc and I'm the happiest I've been in a LONG time. What started as a hobby is now a passion and I can't imagine not doing it x

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