Introducing our New Well-being collection

Well-being is not just about keeping fit and eating healthy, it's about how you manage your life to maintain a positive mind, body and soul.Well-being

We know it is often difficult to stay positive and maintain a good level of well-being when we lead busy lives.

This is one of my biggest problems i work to much and tend to forget about myself and my home.

I now have set working hours which is a very big must for me.

I have time to clean my home and catch up on daily chores as if i sit there in a mess then my mind is in a mess. I just keep thinking oh i need to hoover, polish get a wash on.

I now plan my day strictly 9 to 5 its nearly working but when your in love with your job its hard to keep the balances but i am getting better lol

When all around me is the way i like it then it shows in my focus and the

results of my work.

A few Tips here that work for me:

  • Stay focused and remember why you joined Avon.

  • Re-evaluate if necessary.

  • Reset goals and targets get out your old ones and check you have done them.

  • make lists to help you become better organized. This works really well for me.

  • keep a journal of what works and what doesn't, what made you feel good, what made you feel uneasy or uncertain, what you did to overcome challenges..all that kind of stuff. It's good to write it out, and helpful to look back on.

  • Appreciated yourself and mark your achievements.

Here at Avon we know what its like to be busy and always on the go.

So we have come up with a few products to help your well-being.

Bring the scents of the spa to your home with our new well-being collection.

Revitalising Bamboo Reed Diffuser

A moment of Zen with notes of uplifting green bamboo, cool and gentle touches of white freesia.

Complete Serenity. Our latest home fragrance addition was melts, means you can personalise your scent experience by adding as many wax melts as you like to suit your scent preference or room size.

Revitalising Bamboo Ceramic Burner.

With notes of green bamboo, cool cucumber and gentle touches of white freesia.

Soul soothers.

Create the perfect sanctuary with these accessories and offer yourself some well needed escapism.

New Floating flower lights.

Toweling head wrap - ultra absorbent microfiber reduces drying time and frizz.

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