Avon Vintage ads over the years

The TV commercial that immortalized the phrase 'Ding Dong! Avon calling!' aired from 1954-1967, so by 1968.

Out with the old: An Avon ad from 1960 represents a Fifties-style New look: Ads in 1968 and '69 demonstrated a different kind of glamour, a crop-haired model in a sparkly shift

Instead of featuring the Fifties-style stay-at-home wife model of the early Sixties, ads in 1968 and '69 demonstrated a different kind of glamour, with crop-haired models in sparkly shift dresses.

The packaging changed quite radically too. Gone were the white tubs and gold lids that had mirrored the look of high-end alternatives at the time. In 1969, the company launched ornate Art Deco-style casing featuring a harlequin design in blue, green and gold.

The new image was a phenomenal success. The company, which by this point had launched in Europe, Japan and Argentina, started distributing new brochures every two weeks.

Spider lashes are in! A 1965 ad for mascara shows the vogue for bold eyelashes and pale lips

Sweet smell of success: An Avon ad from 1961 shows a model with Fifties-style hair, sampling fragrances the company was famous for

Avon ladies through the years: This 1961 ad traces the style of Avon sales agents from 1886 to 1961

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