A message to you from Kris, the founder of CoppaFeel!

We recently revealed that we're going to be teaming up with a new charity partner, CoppaFeel! to support its mission to educate young women on the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer and raise awareness of the importance of regular boob checks!

Founder of the charity, Kris has sent a message to thank you for your support and explains how Avon has supported the charity right from the beginning with a £1000 start-up grant.

Kris also tells you why she started the CoppaFeel! charity following her cancer diagnosis 8 years ago when she was in her early twenties. As a young woman she admits she was not checking her boobs regularly and did not go to the doctor when she found symptoms. This resulted in a late diagnosis and she was told that the cancer was at stage 4 and had spread to her spine, something which could have been avoided had she been aware of the symptoms and been checking her boobs regularly.

So ladies, check your boobs! If, like me, you lead a busy life meaning you often forget important things (like checking your boobs), Coppafeel! has a handy service where you can receive a monthly reminder by text! All you need to do is text BOOBS to 70300*. While you're at it, why not tell you mother/ sisters/ daughters/ friends to do the same?

Leigh x

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