Avon 7 bags for 7 days!

Hi everyone!

To kick off the new season, I have been set a challenge by Avon's fashion team to style a different bag every day this week and I’m excited to show you how I got on. That’s 7 different bag, 7 different outfits!

I had a lot of fun trying to figure out which handbag to go with which outfit. In this challenge, I realized that no matter what your style is, you’ll always find a trendy bag from Avon to match you!

Monday: Tabitha Webb Wildside Tote Bag

First up is this tote bag from the T by Tabitha Webb collection which is exclusively designed for Avon (how exciting!). I love wearing it with my monochrome polka dot dress.

Tuesday: Rhea Signature Bag

I never really knew what accessories to wear with this burgundy dress… until now! This vibrant red Rhea handbag is great for adding a pop of colour. It is also ideal to pair it with a smart, but plain work outfit. That’s one way to stand out from the (office) crowd!

Wednesday: Alison Premium Tote Bag

A baggy t-shirt, jeans, and a large bag are great for the days when I’m busy running errands. The Alison Premium Tote Bag is big enough to store the daily handbag essentials plus my laptop, notebook, and some snacks to keep my energy levels up throughout the days.

Thursday: Lipsy Leisure Bag

My mid-week evening sessions at the gym consist of a class of either Zumba or Yoga, followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill before winding down in the sauna. This means I will need a fairly large gym bag to carry my work-out clothes, trainers, water bottle, a swimming costume, a big wash bag, and a towel – and this Lipsy Leisure Bag is sure big enough for all of those things… with room to spare.

Friday: Fiorelli Tote Bag

It’s the final work day of the week and I’ve got that Friday feeling so, naturally, I’ve made more of an effort! I can go from day to night with this floral dress and black handbag combo. All I need to do is swap my casual daywear flats with an elegant pair of heels and I’m ready to meet my friends after work.

Saturday: Signature Slouch Bag

It’s Saturday, so it’s a day for a casual bag to match my favourite casual outfit; a simple black and white ensemble with a lovely slouch bag to complete it. This is the kind of bag that goes with everything!

Sunday: Camilla Premium Bag

The Camilla Premium bag is such a classic tote. The best thing about the Camilla is the detachable strap, so you can get two different styles out of one bag. I personally like the fact that you can wear this large tote bag on your shoulder. It makes a nice bag for college and University students, as it’s the perfect size for books and ringbinders.

So those are the 7 outfits I wore this week with my gorgeous bags from Avon. Which one is your favourite?

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