Fragrance for the Home

Peaches and Cream.

Peaches, clementine and whipped cream Glass Candle. Burns for up to 30 hours. Peaches and cream reed diffuser Lasts up to 5 weeks.

If you love macaroons, then you will love this candle and diffuser from the Avon Gourmand Collection. The classic Parisian macaroon or macaron - sweet as can be and lighter than air, with notes of whipped vanilla, pistachio and creamy musk.

White Floral

Relax with smells of White floral's with white gardenia, jasmine and sandalwood.

Ocean Mist

For instant ambience and aroma, nothing beats a fragrance candle. With masses of scents in the collection, Avon has the perfect scent to suit your mood.

Fresh Linen

That fresh Linen feeling Woody/Outdoorsy: Rich, earthy and timeless. Bring the outside inside with heady notes of sandalwood, cedar, moss.

Fruity Berry

Mouthwatering raspberry and black cherry

Zest Uplifting and refreshing

Chocolate and Orange Reed Diffuser and Candle

Irresistible scent of orange zest, chocolate and vanilla bean. 50ml.

Avon Fragrance for the home

Fragrance Fig Reed Diffuser & Jar Candle Green: Succulent leafy green and herby aromas such as mint, bamboo and green tea. Clean, refreshing and uplifting.

Top Tip: To get the best from your candle trim the wick after each use to about 5mm as this will make sure you get a more controlled flame and avoid sooty fumes.

To help your candle last longer only put out the flame when the entire surface area is liquid wax, otherwise candles can “tunnel” where the wick burns down the centre which decreases your burn time. Don't burn candles near a draught or close to a heat source as this will cause the flame to smoke and burn unevenly.

Reed Diffusers:

For the perfect combination of style and long lasting continuous scent, Reed Diffusers are the ideal option.

The level of fragrance diffusion can be affected by temperature, room size and the number of reeds.

Adjust the number of reeds to suit the size of your room with fewer for little bathroom and more for a living space or hallway, and don’t forget to turn your reeds now and then to revitalise the scent.

Top Tip: For an instant fragrance fix, place your reeds near to a radiator as scent diffusers faster in a warm room.

For safety NEVER leave a lit candle unattended.

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