How to achieve 'Perfect Skin' using Avon's Perfect Skin Range

I get a lot of questions about skincare. People ask me all manner of things about fine lines, pigmentation, the best acids to use and what I would recommend for sensitive skin. Obviously skincare is a personal, everyone has different needs and therefore different products work for different people. However, by far the most common question I get asked is a pretty generic one and it usually goes something like; you have great skin, what is your routine?

As a beauty blogger I am both blessed and cursed in the skincare arena. Blessed because I have access to all the new products that come to market and cursed because if I find something that I really love and works amazingly for my skin, often our relationship is short lived because I have move onto something new to try.

However, when recommending skincare to people in the more generic sense I often and easily suggest the use of a beauty water/toner/tonic/splash into your routine, if you aren’t using one already. A few years ago I added a hydrating toning water into my skincare routine and have been using one ever since. Here’s why…

Hydration and is the first and easiest step to getting better skin. We can drink it and eat it so why not apply it? A hydrating toner or water has been an important step in Korean Beauty regimes for years. The Koreans are big fans of multiple step skincare with lighter products to build up protection, hydration and amp up treatments whilst creating the perfect supple and smooth base for makeup.

These super charged waters are full of ingredients to make your skin the best possible environment for the rest of your skincare. Essentially, by prepping the naked skin cells with a enough hydration your other skincare can protect and hydrate for longer on the skins outer layer without being absorbed too quickly.

The most recent Beauty water I’ve been splashing onto my face is the ANEW perfect skin Daily Skin Boosting Splash, which is a 15 second hydrating mask you pour into hands and press into the face and neck. The particular formula by the Avon ANEW brand is designed with Perfect Cell Complex to thicken the delicate outer layer of skin, give immediate radiance and hydration and makes skin more soft and supple with immediate effect.

I’m also crazy about the price point; it’s currently only £8 (down from £12) which makes it a steal when I think about some of the more high end waters I’ve been using that nudge into the £50+ price bracket!

After applying to clean dry skin follow with your usual routine. ANEW recommend the Wake Up Cream as a daily moisturiser and prep for makeup base. Follow this with your favourite eye cream. ANEW Wide Awake Eye cream is suitable for every skin type and brightens the under eye area and works against fatigue. If you like using a primer I tried the ANEW Instant Blurring treatment from the range and it blurred out my pores and fine lines and gave my skin a silky matte base ready for makeup.

Check out the products mentioned above in action below in my skincare video...

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