Find the perfect Avon perfume for you by taking our quiz!

Have you struggled to find your signature fragrance? We've made it super simple to find the perfect fragrance for you!

Answer the below questions and keep a note of your answers...

What style best describes you?

  1. Stylish/ Elegant

  2. Casual/ Easy Going

  3. Vintage/Classic

  4. Bold/ Designer

What would be your perfect date?

  1. Cocktails

  2. Outdoor adventures

  3. Something creative like painting

  4. Ballet

What's your choice of drink?

  1. Something sparkling

  2. Anything with an umbrella

  3. A good vino

  4. Something on the rocks

What is your favourite smell?

  1. Honey

  2. The ocean

  3. Fresh cut grass

  4. Coffee

What is your favourite scent reminiscent of?

  1. First dates

  2. Travels

  3. Love

  4. Happiness

How would you describe yourself?

  1. Carefree

  2. Confident

  3. Cosmopolitan

  4. Cute

Did you answer mostly 1, 2, 3 or 4?

Mostly 1's? You are Little Black Dress Eau De Parfum, the perfect blend of honeysuckle, ylang-ylang and milkwood

Mostly 2's? You are Tahitian Holiday Eau de Toilette Spray. This is the scent of tropical coconut with delicate white blossoms, warming ginger, monoi oil and Tahitian tiara flower.

Mostly 3's? You are Viva La Vita Eau De Parfum with fresh and crisp pink apple, joyfully poluent dewy rose petals and addictively sweet vanilla bean.

Mostly 4's? You are Avon Life for Her Eau De Parfum, a luxurious blend of waterlily, violet and iris flower.

What fragrance did you get?

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