Avon Global News ~ Woman of the week: Sevda Birinci

Sevda has long been known for her passion for Avon, and is referred to by her friends as "Avon Sevda"

Sevda Birinci’s love for Avon began at a young age. She first discovered Avon through a high school friend, and was hooked straight away. She even persuaded her big sister to become a Representative on her behalf, as she was too young. She even became known as “Avon Sevda” at school.

She earned her pocket money working as a Representative as she studied at the Erzurum Atatürk University Department of Physical Education.

After graduation, Sevda became a Sales Leader, and now, at 24, she also works as a P.E. teacher. She’ll always stay loyal to Avon though, saying she will talk about the products to women wherever she goes. “I already loved and used Avon’s products. I would never recommend products I don’t like personally, because if I promote a product that I like and believe to be good, I want the other person to enjoy it as well. I have never received any negative feedback for the products I have recommended.”

When Sevda sees successful 40-year-old women, she says she is glad she started Avon when she was so young, “I also hope to have saved well, built up a network, and be more engaged in products that add value to the beauty of women by the time I reach their age. Now I benefit from the knowledge of Representatives who are older than me.

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