15 Uses for Shampoo that will blow your mind!!

1. Keep some shampoo in the laundry room. It can be used as a spot cleaner and gets rid of ring around the collar.

2. Lubricate squeaky hinges.

3. Clean your bathroom. It is a good tub and toilet cleanser.

4. Clean your delicates like nylons or lingerie with shampoo and water.

5. Use shampoo to make great bubbles in a bubble bath.

6. Shampoo is great at taking out paint from clothes and your paint brushes.

7. Add some shampoo with a little conditioner to make a fantastic liquid hand soap.

8. Shampoo has been known to be a great chrome cleaner. Use on tire chrome, kitchen

and bathroom chrome.

9. Spot clean carpets and rugs. Use a dab of shampoo and a clean rag. Use water to rinse and dab dry.

10. Do at home manicure. Soak fingers in warm water and shampoo to soften and clean your fingers and cuticles.

11. To keep your sweaters looking nice, wash with shampoo.

12. Shampoo is a great degreaser. Use it on greasy stove or refrigerator to remove spots and grease.

13. Spot clean upholstery.

14. Clean grill rack in oven or grill.

15. Use shampoo and water to clean floors. Wood, tile. Also a good cleaner for wood doors.

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