Smarter Beauty spotted in The Sun

To introduce the media to our new campaign, Smarter Beauty, we recently sent out a mailer to demonstrate just how much you can save by switching to Avon AND how you can still achieve the same fantastic results!

The clever mailer challenged recipients to 'tell the difference' between the two halves of the face each using a different brand. The brand was not the only difference, one half cost £132 less!

When opened, the box revealed one side of Avon products and how much they cost. The other side featured products from MAC and the money that was saved by switching to Avon!

We've already seen some great coverage of the campaign including a feature in The Sun. They said "As part of their Smarter Beauty campaign, products from the 130-year-old brand were pitted against MAC favourites. The make-up range from MAS used in the look came to a whopping £159. But the similar range from Avon totalled just £24, a saving of £135!".

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