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Avon Home Fragrance's

Chocolate Orange

A rich blend of chocolate and a delicate orange zest

Salted Caramel

With sweet caramel, luxurious vanilla and tantalizing toffee.


With scent of rhubarb and zesty citrus, red berries and apple


The scent of lavender blossom,tonka bean and cashmere woods

White Floral

Gentle floral scent of white gardenia, jasmine mingled with sandalwood


Zesty scent of pink pomelo, lemon zest and guava


Scent of freshly washed linen, with crisp marine notes and cedar wood


A louscious fusion of tropical fruits, ripe mango, orange and sweet coconut


The sweet smell of vanilla, white chocolate and praline

Hints and Tips


To get the best from your candle trim the wick after each use to approx. 5mm as this will ensure a more controlled flame and avoid sooting.

To maximize your candle's burn time only extinguish the flame when the entire surface area is liquid wax, otherwise candles can "tunnel" where the wick burns down the centre which decreases your burn time.

Selling Tip:

Before sharing with your customers, gently rub the surface of the candle with your finger.

This helps to "wake" the fragrance from the wax and intensify the scent.

Diffusers For the perfect combination of style and long lasting scent, Read Diffusers are the ideal option.

The level of fragrance diffusion can be affected by temperature, room size and the number of reeds.

Tailor the number of reeds to suit the size of your room with fewer for a small room and more for a larger room and don't forget to turn your reeds periodically to release scent.

Selling Tip:

Lasting up to five weeks, reed diffusers will need replacing so don't forget to ask your home fragrance customers whether they need a new one!

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