Global News~Celebrating the fearless young women changing the world with ‘#stand4her’

Celebrating the fearless young women changing the world with ‘#stand4her

On International Women’s Day, Avon introduced the #Stand4Her movement, a campaign to celebrate and honour the strong young women driving change in the world. By teaming up with Icona Pop and sharing the success stories and personal causes of fearless women from around the world, Avon is encouraging girls to dream big and fulfil their potential.

Swedish electro-pop duo Icona Pop’s “All My Girls” music video was inspired by stories of courage featured in the #Stand4Her movement. The video serves as a message of encouragement and as a tribute to these fearless girls who are promoting social change.

The Icona Pop music video has been viewed by thousands of people already and the media have reported the campaign in influential titles including Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Cosmetics Business and Marie Claire.

While Avon countries around the world – from Brazil to the Philippines and many nations in between - are embracing the #Stand4Her campaign in different ways, the common theme is the brave. These entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, writers, journalists, activists and survivors from all over the world, have something in common: by standing up for their dreams, they are giving hope to society and inspiring a whole generation of empowered girls.

Martha Azereth Briones, 22, Mexico

A “weird” girl who fulfilled her dreams. That’s the way strong-minded Mexican Martha Briones describes herself. From an early age, this fan of videogames has always been determined to make a difference. Encouraged by her grandmother, she is the third generation of Avon Representatives in her family, which is from San Luiz de la Paz in the state of Guanajuato.

“When my mom became a Representative, my family's economic situation improved, but when it came the time for me to choose a career and a university, we didn’t know how to afford the expenses,” recalls Martha, who then decided to join Avon in a search for independence. “Thanks to that, I am now a year away from finishing my architecture degree, I have an apartment and I can afford my expenses,” she explains.

Having experienced a difficult reality, Martha now wants to give back to her community by using her degree to give the underprivileged more than simply a roof over their heads: “I want to help people who need affordable and sustainable housing.”

“It is hard to fail, but not having tried is much worse,” she guarantees. “Let's shatter the barrier of fear.”

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