14 Surprising Uses for Hand Wash

14 Surprising Uses for Hand Wash.

1. Give your phone’s screen a shine with a dab of the hand wash on a soft cloth.

2. Clean your glasses or sunglasses. It’ll eliminate those hairspray specks, too.

3. Erase “permanent” markers from white boards, clothing, and walls. (Be sure to test in

an inconspicuous spot first.)

4. Get rid of paint stains on just about any surface, including paint brushes.

5 Remove sticky residue from labels.

6. Stop mosquito bites from itching.

7. Sanitize your makeup brushes after washing them — just rub a little hand wash in the bristles and allow them to air dry.

8 Emergency deodorant: wipe it on and let it dry. Don’t do this on freshly-shaved arms though.

9 Clean mirrors and windows in a pinch. (Bonus: it will prevent frost and fogging!)

10. Disinfect minor wounds in an emergency.

11. Clean and deodorize spills on car seats between washings.

12. Treat greasy stains prior to washing clothes. (Use unscented, un-colored hand wash for this)

13. Clean dusty candles: wipe on then wipe away the dust.

14. Get fingerprints off stainless steel. Yep, even your refrigerator!

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