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AVON presents its new and exclusive fragrance, a creation born of the unique shine of women and the beauty of Swarovski crystals: AVON LUMINATA. There are few things in the world as beautiful as a pure and brilliant crystal.

Like the smile of a woman, who shines and stands out with her radiant beauty and illuminates everything around her. New fragrance Avon Luminata – inspired by women who radiate light, proud of what they are. They strongly aspire to the reality that surrounds them and, in addition, they know how to give happiness and inspire others. This is how this fragrance is born, by the unique light of women and the beauty of crystals.

Iluminata is presented with a radiant aroma of fruity notes of pear, raspberry and a floral body formed by a delicate bouquet of White Peony: a special ingredient that translates all the purity of the crystals and the velvety essence of the Magnolia Vitessence.

Avon Luminata was specially created by Maurice Roucel and Isaac Sinclair, two master perfumers of renowned international firms.

A fragrance created for women that shines with its own light.

The heart of the fragrance is the white peony flower. A flower native to Asia, which in the oriental culture is the symbol of beauty and represents the duality of every woman: her delicacy and her power.

This exclusive flower, combined with the sweetness of the pear and the white woods, achieve a sophisticated and powerfully feminine perfume.

AVON combines the luxury of the exclusive crystals of the Swarovski house with its new creation Luminata. Each fragrance, with its refined presentation in crystal form, includes a pendant from the prestigious Swarovski house....and that's not all

Avon's Biggest Ever Free Gift worth £44.50 includes:

Tazia necklace embellished with Swaroski Crystals

Luminata Body Lotion 150ml

True Colour Nail Experts Pearl Shine Nail Enamel 10ml Sheer Love

True Colour Glazewear Lipgloss 6ml in Iced Pink

Behind the Fragrance ~a luxurious fragrance created by~

the master behind some of the worlds most~loved fragrances~ Maurice Roucel

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