Meet The Team

I love Avon – but don’t just take my word for it!! Here’s a few of my team members to tell you a little about their journey with Avon so far in their own words.

Janet Fewster:

I joined as a rep as i needed to get out my house, my children were grown up and i needed to do something so i asked my rep how to join. I did reping for a year then spoke to the lovely Jackie McAllister and signed up as a sales leader. The best bit is training and supporting all of you to do the things we can do. I wish i'd joined sooner but love my four years as a rep and sales leader more

Carolyn Toogood:

I started as a rep to earn extra money, but quickly grew to love everything Avon! In my pre-children life I was a Team Manager and enjoyed helping people to grow and achieve their dreams.Being a Sales Leader gives me the chance to do this again, but on my terms, and working around my family. I love meeting new people; I’ve made some amazing friends and I'm proud of every single rep in my team who is working to make a difference in their lives. For me it’s about the recognition we get as Sales Leaders, and the pride I feel when someone inboxes me to say they are proud of their order It makes me feel good, excited, happy and confident again!

Kerry A Seward:

I joined as a rep just to earn a bit of extra cash for Xmas as we'd had another baby. I didn't have a job to go back to as I'd been made redundant just as we found out we were expecting. I built up my customer base and Jackie kept saying I'd make a great sales leader. But the time wasn't right due to family issues. But, one day a friend of mine asked if I could get her set up as a rep with Jackie but she suggested I sign her up myself

THE BEST THING I EVER DID! I love teaching people how to build up their own businesses and supporting the team. The extra cash comes in handy too. Jackie is such an inspiration and I love being part of this fantastic team. I've made friends for life & that's

Emma Durose I first became a rep to earn a little extra for my wedding and driving lessons. I found I really loved doing it and all the support that is available soon as I passed my driving test I became a sales leader in the hope that I might be able to give up my night shift job which I have done this week I’m my own boss now!!

Kayleigh Bates

Why did I become a sales leader? To be honest I don't know but I'm so pleased and proud I did. I became a rep and within 6 months Carolyn was suggesting it too me, with life issues and restraints I turned it down multiple times... and then they dropped the fee and thought what did I have to lose, the answer was nothing. I love running my own team, yes we earn commission off our reps but wow, for me its seeing where they start off and seeing where they end up. With Avon being a breast cancer and domestic violence donater I find these people tend to be drawn to Avon to help start rebuilding their lives and being a part of that journey and help guide them is an incredible feeling and I'm so proud of all my reps.

Louise Palai I became a rep first because I was looking for extra income and to get myself out and about an meet people then after a few months I took the next step An became a sales leader an built my own team I enjoy everything meeting new people supporting everyone in the team looking forward to building up my Avon team too and here for everyone

Jenny Godfrey I joined Avon to earn extra money and to do something while kids are in school. Something for me. I fell in love with Avon and realised how well i was doing. Great customer relationships and great avon support from everyone. So i became a sales leader so i can help others feel happy and see what i see and how easy it is

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